Royal Postal Mail Strikes {July} Check What Happened!

The Royal Postal Mail Strikes have created an uproar in the latest industrial sector. Read to know more about the strikes.  

Do you know, the members of the Royal Mail union have announced a strike and they have said that they have done so as a last option? The royal mail managers have announced strike dates over cuts of 700 jobs and pay. The Royal Postal Mail Strikes have created an uproar in the United Kingdom and there have been certain questions which are arising as to the legality, feasibility, and the extent of such strikes. It is important in this context to deal with the topic at length.

Why is Royal Postal Mail Striking?

The Royal Mail postal service is striking after the union said that they are ready to take industrial action after the postal mail service made pay cuts and announced strikes. The email has announced that 2400 managers will work to rule from 15th to 19th July, 2022. The Royal Postal Mail Strikes will take place from 20 to 22 July. 

The action came afterwards when Royal Mail announced to cut 700 jobs and slash the pay of its workers by 700 Euros. The amount that was paid to the shareholders last year was about 400 million Euros and the recorded profit of the firm was 311 million Euros. The members have announced that they are ready to take action as months of negotiations have resulted in vain and no substantial result could be elicited. With this, the legality and feasibility of the strike action has to be looked at.

The Feasibility of the Royal Postal Mail Strikes

The secretary of the Royal Mail union has said that the business is full of cash and is running on profit but the profit is taken up by some at the top while those others on the ground, especially the members of the union, are suffering. As per sources, all of this is done to make profits for those at the top, alleged the general secretary. Please note all the data in this article is taken from the web. We are not promoting or blaming anyone, just presenting data for information.

Unite has also said that it is supporting its members because they are fighting for the right cause. The Royal Postal Mail Strikes, therefore, are the last option that they look up to in such a debilitating set of circumstances. The hundred more posts which have been removed have also adversely affected the Royal Mail unite members. 


The Unite Royal Mail Strikes are set to begin from 20 July, 2022. The strikes are in response to the schemes announced by the Royal Mail where they are cutting jobs and pay for their employees. In this regard, it has become important to understand the whole episode, and therefore, we have mentioned all the details above. To know more, see Royal Mail and Post Office strikes: When will industrial action end.

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