How to Get Royal Giant Emote {March 2022} Know Process!

Latest News How to Get Royal Giant Emote

Know How to Get Royal Giant Emote at the beginning of the game. The gamer has made its way to four King Emotes and six text bubbles provided by default.

Do you know the significance of emotes? Emotes are a representation that enables the gamers to discuss during an ongoing battle. Most of the Emotes are displayed as animation or sound effects. This game is gaining popularity in the United States and Canada.

Kindly read the entire article to learn exciting details about How to Get Royal Giant Emote, their types, gain details, organizations, categories, and vitalities!

Process to Get Royal Giant Emote

  • Players may obtain extra Emotes in several ways:
  • From the Shop: Special proposals, including an Emote may come up from time to time, Regular or Exclusive. They can be purchased for 250 Gems each.
  • From the Events section: There are occasionally Special Challenges that comprise an Emote, Exclusive or Regular, as a prize for entering a specific proportion of scores.
  • From the Trophy Road: A limited number of Emotes can be attained by entering a specific number of Trophies on the Road. 

Is Clash Royale Royal Giant Emote promising?

  • X-Bow, as well as Mortar, are two siege towers. Royal Giant counters these towers incredibly. He has commendable health and high range. He preferably aims at the buildings.
  • He stands on the player’s side while loading the siege buildings and bringing them down by himself.
  • Scroll down to know about the top 5 rare Clash Royale Emotes.

Top 5 Rarest Clash Royale Emotes

  • King Champion Tournament.
  • The Emote: Trophy Goblin 
  • Emote CRL Goblin 2019 
  • Emote Royal Ghost Gem
  • Emote Santa Ice spirit
  • Emote Santa Ice wizard

Know about types of Royale Giant Emote in the next header below. 

How to Get Royal Giant Emote: Types of Royal Giant Emotes

The two major categories of Emotes are Regular and Exclusive.

  • Visual difference: The exclusive emotes consist of a legendary border around themselves. The Regular Emotes are somewhat limited as per their release, and they do not have any legendary belt. 
  • Availability difference: Exclusive Emotes are available for a limited period, hence cannot be approached once the period has finished.

Players can buy a particular Regular from shops for a limited period. There is another category of emotes that can be accessible during a battle. Clash Royale Royal Giant Emote usually appears in the form of bubble texts.

The nature of these emotes is basic pop-in screen animation with zero sound effects. They also display a text line. In all, currently, 6 text bubbles are available automatically in the system.


As per our research and player reviews, Supercell often expands new emotes to the competition. Emotes can be bought at the cost of 250 gems. To buy this emote, you need to go to the shop and scroll. Emotes may also appear in a bundle. This purchase will cost money, but sometimes can be paid for gems.

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