Istanbul Tourist Scam {July 2022} Explore The Info!

The news article highlights all the essential details of the Istanbul Tourist scam and guides the travellers on how to keep themselves safe from them.

Have you ever faced a scam while visiting a tourist spot? We will talk about a similar tourist spot scam in Istanbul that will blow your minds after you get to know them. Tourists from the United States have faced similar situations on their visit to Istanbul, and they have mentioned different kinds of scams that take place there. Therefore, travellers must be very cautious before trusting anybody there. We will discuss Istanbul Tourist Scam in the article given below.

What is the news about?

The news is related to the Istanbul scam where the locals loot travellers. Some of the scams we will discuss here. The first is the shoe polishing scam, where you will find older men cleaning shoes, but it is not as easy as said. They first make gestures that will make people uncomfortable, and when you act, they will clean your shoes and charge hefty amounts. The second is the drink-offering scam representing himself to be your friend. So you must avoid those people and stay active all the time.

Essential points about Istanbul Tourist Scam

  • Istanbul is known for various scams due to the vast number of travellers visiting there every peak season. It is one of the ways to make money, and for that, they can extend at any level. 
  • When you visit some of the restaurants, you may find food kept on the table just before ordering. Don’t be mistaken to think that food as complimentary. The club will charge an amount for those.
  • Istanbul is filled with scams, and people with the slightest knowledge of the country must gather all the information before visiting that place so that they are aware of all the frauds.

Details of Istanbul Tourist Scam

Istanbul has a scam related to taxis where you are charged a heavy amount even if travelled fewer kilometres. Another scam is the currency scam, where the tourists are charged in Euros instead of Liras, the official currency of Istanbul, in return for paying a heavy amount for the things they bought. So, it would help if you bore in cash rather than ATM. 

The scams are not limited to these, but many carpet scams take place where they promise to send the carpets to your country and charge you the amount, but you never get those carpets delivered. The most common scam among all the Istanbul Tourist scams is the wallet stealing scam. So, one must keep their eyes open while travelling anywhere.

Those looking for more detailed information about the Istanbul scam. can read the complete details here and know on their own how to protect themselves from the fraud. 

Final Ending

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful places to visit and is also considered the safest place. But the most important thing that one needs to keep in their mind is to protect themselves from frauds that occur during their travels. What are your views on the Istanbul Tourist scam? Have you ever visited Istanbul? Let us know in the comment section below.

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