Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021 {Aug} Get Complete Insight!

Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021 {Aug} Get Complete Insight! >> This article describes a famous politician, his career and the net worth he has acquired during his lifetime.

Are you someone looking to find more information about the net worth of a famous politician? Are you also interested in knowing more about Andrew Cuomo? Then keep reading to understand more about the Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021, according to our research.

Hailing from the United States Andrew Cuomo is a famous politician, lawyer and author who is one of the richest politicians in the country whose net worth keeps increasing. Please find out more about his net worth and factors influencing it to increase.

Who is Andrew Cuomo?

Andrew Mark Cuomo, famously known by Andrew Cuomo, is a famous politician who successfully served as New York’s 56th governor. He got elected as New York’s governor in the year 2010. Apart from politics, he is also a successful author and a great lawyer by profession. Read to know more about Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021

Personal Life:

  • He got married to Kerry Kennedy on June 9, 1990. Kerry Kennedy, whose father is Robert F. Kennedy.
  •  The couples have three daughters. First were twin sisters Mariah Matilda Kennedy-Cuomo and Cara Ethel Kennedy-Cuomo, was born in the year 1995. 
  • Their third daughter Michaela Andrea Kennedy-Cuomo was born in the year 1997.
  • During 2005, the couple got divorced. After divorcing Kerry Kennedy, he started dating Sandra Lee, and both of them moved to Westchester County in New York.
  •  In 2009, they announced the end of the relationship they had together. Continue reading to understand more on Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021


  • Apart from being a famous politician and an excellent lawyer, he proved himself a successful writer. His royalty from books also increases the value of his overall net worth.
  •  He wrote his first book titled “Crossroads: The Future of American Politics”.
  •  He also wrote “All Things Possible: Setbacks and Success in Politics and Life” in 2014, which sold only a few copies.
  • After the pandemic outbreak, he released his new book titled “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” in October 2020, for which Cuomo sought $4 million from The New York Times for the book’s rights.

Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021

  • The current net worth of Andrew Cuomo is above $6 million. However, most of his current net worth is from his successful career as a politician and professional lawyer. 
  • As a lawyer, he has served most prestigious positions in well-known firms paying him a high paycheck. 
  • As a politician, he also held positions in top government services. He served as assistant secretary, secretary of the state, which played a crucial role in increasing his net worth. After being the New York Governor, he started receiving a fat paycheck of $200,000 annually


As per the research on Net Worth Andrew Cuomo 2021, Andrew Cuomo served as a great politician like his father, Mario Cuomo, a three-term New York Governor. He is also a good philanthropist who has donated $500,000 to charity funds. As a responsible citizen, if you have more information about him, please share it with us.

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