Why Is Bromine Dangerous (Aug 2021) Let Us Find Here!

Why Is Bromine Dangerous (Aug 2021) Let Us Find Here! >> This article talks about a chemical from the periodic table and elaborates on it further.

Are you a Chemistry fetish? Is the periodic table and the elements etched in your mind? In that case, you must be well aware of which elements are good, which are neutral, and what can be dangerous to human health and the environment.

One such element which we would be exploring in this article is Bromine. Do you know United States, Israel, Jordan, and China topped bromine production during the early 21st century? But, in this article, we would cover on Why Is Bromine Dangerous and explore other minute aspects of the element. So, scroll through the sections.

What is Bromine?

Beginning with what exactly is bromine, it is a chemical element with an atomic number 35. In the periodic table, its symbol is Br, and it holds the third position among the lightest halogens found in the globe. Coming to its physical characteristics, it acts differently in different temperatures.

For example, it fumes as a red-brown colored liquid under room temperature and evaporates with the same-colored vapour. Furthermore, do you want to know What Is Bromine Used For? Well, its use is widely applied in industries for making organobromine compounds.

In the coming sections, we would explore this aspect in brief. Till then, continue to read a little more about this element.

More Facts about Bromine

  • The properties of Bromine are intermediate between iodine and chlorine
  • The name of the element is derived from the Greek word Stench, considering its pungent and sharp smell
  • It is highly reactive; besides, it does not occur freely in nature.
  • However, it is found largely in colorless and soluble crystalline sales or mineral halides analogous to table salt.
  • It is hazardous to nature and human health.

Why Is Bromine Dangerous?

Bromine does not occur naturally in nature, and hence, these compounds can be quite dangerous for human health and the environment. Do you know over 3,00,000 tonnes of bromine is produced annually around the globe, with the United States, UK and Israel leading the charts?

Health Effects

  • They are corrosive to tissues, and its vapors can irritate the throat and eyes.
  • They are toxic when inhaled.
  • Organic bromines used as insect sprays tend to get absorbed through the skin, and its contaminants can affect the nervous systems and genetic disturbance.
  • They damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and are carcinogenic.

What Is Bromine Used For?

It is used in agricultural chemicals, insecticides, dyes, chemical intermediates and pharmaceuticals. These tend to cause damage to micro-organisms.

Final Conclusion

With large quantities of bromine found on the surface water and soil, they indirectly tend to enter the human chain in the form of food. Moreover, organic bromines are not biodegradable, and these, when they enter the human system, tends to damage the nervous system. 

The whole information is gathered through internet and sources and we hold no authority for the same. We are only providing you with the information. We hope this article answers Why Is Bromine Dangerous. Read more here

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