Andrew Cuomo Net Worth 2021 (Aug) Some Facts To Know!

Andrew Cuomo Net Worth 2021 (Aug) Some Facts To Know! >> The article talks about a popular political figure and elaborates on his life in detail.

Well, nobody is oblivion to Andrew Cuomo, who is a renowned politician from the United States. Besides, he is also an author and an American lawyer who has been serving as the Governor of New York since January 2011. So, it makes him the most searched political figure whom the public want to know in detail.

Thus, we decided to conduct in-depth research and present detailed insight about Andrew Cuomo Net Worth 2021, his children, personal life and more. However, to get a sneak peek into his life, you must stay glued to this article till the end.

Who is Andrew Cuomo?

Andrew Cuomo is the 56th governor, New York in the United States. He has been serving the position since 2011. Apart from being a political figure, Andrew is an author and a lawyer and also a member of the Democratic party.

He is the son of Mario Cuomo, who held the position for three terms and was also into politics. Exploring further, we decided to sneak peek into his personal life to learn about Andrew Cuomo Children and his early life.

In the coming sections, we would elaborate on the same in detail. So, continue to scroll down to read more.

Few Facts about Andrew Cuomo Early Life

  • The American politician was born in New York on 06 December 1957. His father is Mario Cuomo, who served as an attorney and later served as the Governor for three terms.
  • He is an Italian who migrated to the US from Italy.
  • He has a brother Chris, who works as corresponded for the channel CNN
  • Andrew has two sisters, Maria Cuomo Cole and Margaret, a producer of films and a doctor, respectively.

Andrew Cuomo Net Worth 2021

Talking further, we would now explore the total net worth of the Governor, New York. He assumed the office on 01 January 2011 and continues to serve the position to date. As per sources, the net worth of Andrew Cuomo is $5 Million in 2021. Besides, he draws a salary that amounts to $200 Thousand annually.

Now that we covered the Governor’s net worth, let’s throw some light on his personal life. Check out below to know more in detail.

About Andrew Cuomo Children

As per sources, Andrew Cuomo has three children, who are all daughters. These include Cara Mariah Matilda Kennedy-Cuomo and Ethel Kennedy-Cuomo, who are twins and were born in the year1995. Besides, he also has another daughter named Michaela Andrea Kennedy-Cuomo, who was born in the year 1997.

Final Conclusion

Andrew has been active as a governor and vocal about his views. In an interview held by his brother Chris Cuomo on CNN, he also spoke about the Coronavirus Outbreak and the implementation of laws.

We hope this article answers Andrew Cuomo Net Worth 2021. Read more about him here

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