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If you play PLANT VERSUS UNDEAD, read this COMPREHENSIVE article in full to know about better RoI via forecasts provided on Pvuextratools com.

Plant vs Undead is a famous game with PVU as the official NFT token in the game. Users Worldwide are looking for a forecasting tool for PVU. You can find different kinds of landforms and plants to cultivate in a GREENHOUSE PVU game. The better placement of your GREENHOUSE will let you survive all odds of weather events. 

So, let us review the Pvuextratools com website, as a forecasting tool for PVU NFT.

What is Pvuextratools.com?

The website is developed with a unique concept of how a weather event may affect NFT in Plant vs Undead. The website evaluates weather information and tries to give information about the safest plants based on the forecast of yesterday and today.

Currently, there are nine virtual elements in Plant vs Undead which are listed below:

  • Dark
  • Electro
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Metal
  • Parasite
  • Water
  • Wind 

Concept of forecasting:

Each plant will get impacted positively, neutrally and negatively due to weather events forecasted by Pvuextratools com. Hence, the tool does not guarantee accurate results. Even due to a low probability event, the positive and negative effects on the plant may be high. Hence, you need to evaluate the risk involved on your own

The greenhouse tends to block the NEXT DAY effect on the plant due to a good (or) bad weather event. Before using a greenhouse, you should evaluate how much a particular plant gets negatively impacted due to a weather event that may happen in this season.

Four seasons occur in order, spring, summer, autumn, and winter in the forecast. In Pvuextratools com, the new season starts every Sunday. And excludes events of CURRENT and PREVIOUS day to ascertain the probability. The tool will recommend a greenhouse by checking if Negative Probability is LESS THAN the Risk factors and if the Negative Probability is LESS THAN the Positive probability. 


  • Phone number – not provided
  • Email Address – not provided
  • Contact person – not provided
  • Owner Contact Details – not provided
  • Website Type – PVU NFT forecasting website
  • Address of Website – https://Pvuextratools.com
  • Content Originality – Original
  • Terms and Conditions – Not provided

Pros Pvuextratools com:

  • Based on the forecast, you can place the greenhouse on a permanent plant. 
  • Your greenhouse will be protected from impact weather events for the next day only. 
  • The changes that you make to the greenhouse can be at any point in time today based on the forecast. 


  • The forecast will not impact your plant until the next day. 
  • As all the landform on all plants gets affected due to weather events, there is still high risk involved.


  • Website Age – 12/SEP/2021, 11 days old
  • WEBSITE EXPIRY – 12/SEP/2022
  • Website TRUST Score –  2% (TERRIBLE)
  • Linking to Social Media – not provided
  • Pvuextratools com Popularity – 161513 (Great)
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites – 13/100
  • Threat Profile – 15/100
  • Phishing Score – 7/100
  • Malware Score – 3/100
  • Spam Score – 15/100
  • Domain Blacklist Status – not detected


The user reviews on the internet are negative and point out that the website is a SCAM. However, reviews on reliable sites like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are unavailable.

Final Verdict

The Pvuextratools is not legitimate. Also, considering that the website is requesting crypto donations, it becomes suspicious as the website might have been created for acquiring a huge amount of donations. The Pvuextratools com has a considerable threat profile which makes your information and devices exposed to cyber-attacks. The website registration is for a short period. Hence, we do not recommend this website.

Did you play Plants vs Undead? Let us know about PVU below.

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