Merlin First Dates Cancer Update {April} Recent Post!

Latest News Merlin First Dates Cancer Update

The latest Merlin First Dates Cancer Update is about robotic surgery and bowel cancer awareness month. Read to know more about it.

Merlin, a Channel 4 reality star in the reality dating show on the Channel, was diagnosed with cancer last year. Cancer that Merlin was diagnosed with is known as bowel cancer. In March 2022, Merlin geared up for the surgery, and many people of the United Kingdom wished him well for the process to ensue.

The questions were started putting up about the recent Merlin First Dates Cancer Update. Very recently, Merlin has put up an update about his treatment, and now there is news about it. 

Who is Merlin Griffiths?

Our intention in this article is to make you know about the diagnoses and treatment by Merlin Griffiths. Merlin is a television actor featured in the reality dating show on Channel 4. From the show, he became famous in Europe. Last year, he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and had been under surgery since March this year. Recently, he has shared a photo depicting him under surgery. This is the first update about Merlin First Dates Cancer 2022.

Many people have commented on Twitter where Merlin had posted the photo and wished him well for the surgery. There are sympathies that the photo is gaining as Merlin is fighting one of the toughest battles of his life. This would be very hard for him, and many people have concerns about his future in the industry. For now, the return date couldn’t be fixed as the treatment is going on. While posting the photo, Merlin posted a message that “ready as I’ll 

ever be. Tumour removal time”. 

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and Merlin First Dates Cancer Update

Merlin has also posted the hashtag about bowel cancer awareness month. He has thanked NHS for saving his life. As he revealed earlier, Merlin has a robotic op to remove the tumor. Robotic surgery, which was a few decades earlier thought of as a thing of the distant future, has become a reality. The whole concept of robotic surgery is that the surgeons control the patient’s limbs through a machine. The machine holds the camera as well as surgical tools. 

This is the latest information available on the Merlin First Dates Cancer Update.

There is a ray of hope for Merlin’s fans who want to see him well again and perform. Though it right now looks like a long time. The whole concept of robotic op surgery is very encouraging and is helping many people around the world. To know more, see First Dates barman Merlin Griffiths thanks NHS after bowel.


Merlin Griffiths, a television actor in the reality dating show First Dates, has bowel cancer and is currently having surgery. Recently, the first update he had posted had a caption about bowel cancer awareness month. The whole technique of robotic op, through which he is getting treatment, is discussed above. 

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