Are Wil Wheaton’s Parents Still Alive {April} Know Facts

Latest News Are Wil Wheaton's Parents Still Alive

Are Wil Wheaton’s Parents Still Alive has details of the Stand by Me actor’s personal life and covers a recent apology incident on a chat show.

Jerry O’Connell and Wil Wheaton were together on the Chat show “The Talk” on Thursday, where Jerry apologized to Wheaton for being unaware of his childhood abuse. Jerry and Wil worked together in the 1986 classic” Stand by me”, and this apology was about this movie.

Note – All the details are based on internet’s research.

Many Wil fans in Canada and the United States are eager to know more about this story. Wil took the name of his parents in connection with his childhood abuse story. To know more about it, read Are Wil Wheaton’s Parents Still Alive till the end.

Wil Wheaton’s Personal Life: 

On July 29, 1972, Wheaton was born to his parents, Debra Nordean and Richard Wheaton. His mother was a famous actress, while Richard Wheaton worked as a medical specialist. Amy and Jeremy were his siblings, and they all grew together.

Wil’s relations with his parents are estranged, and he accused them of manipulating him to get work as a child artist. According to our findings, both of his parents are alive and are reported to be above 60 years in 2022. Wil is married to Anne Prince and lives with them in California with their two sons from a previous relationship.

Wil Wheaton Stand By Me:

Wil Wheaton worked in the 1986 classic movie Stand by me with his costar River Phoenix, Jerry and Corey Feldman. This movie was directed by Rob Reiner and was based on King’s novel The Body.

Wil played the character of Gordie Lachance, who narrated the story of finding a dead body of a boy with his friends. The fictional character played by Wil resembled his childhood life as both have estranged relationships with their parents. 

According to Wheaton’s interview, his father was responsible for childhood trauma, and his mother manipulated him to work as a child actor. Wil Wheaton Childhood Abuse effect could be seen in the eyes of “Gordie” portrayed by him in the movie Stand by Me.

Jerry O’Connell Apology to Wil Wheaton:

Jerry is working as a co-host on the chat show The Talk on the CBS network, and on Thursday, he got an opportunity to host Wil Wheaton. In September, Wil, in an interview, revealed that he was abused as a child by his parents to act in the classic movie Stand by Me.

Jerry took the opportunity on the chat show to apologize for his ignorance and to feel the pain that Wheaton went through while playing Gordie.   

Are Wil Wheaton’s Parents Still Alive?

Though Jerry, too, was 11 during shooting for Stand by Me, he felt the pain of Wheaton after knowing the story. Wheaton has accused his mother of manipulating him while his father was responsible for emotional turmoil in his life.

Both these parents are still alive, but Wil’s relationship with them is estranged.


According to Wheaton, Jerry didn’t know about the pain and suffering he was going through. In real life, too, we don’t know about the pain that another person is facing as each one of us covers it in our public life.  

Fans of Wil Wheaton can share their feelings on child abuse in Are Wil Wheaton’s Parents Still Alive comment section.

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