Tower Heroes April Fools {April} Know Updated Code List!

Scroll down the below article to get the updated list for Tower Heroes April Fools, and reason for its update.

Have you ever been welcomed by the Roblox for tower heroes? Are you interested in knowing about them? Have you ever visited Roblox to learn about your favourite Roblox character? So this article will introduce you to the new heroes of Roblox. 

If you have visited here to get the codes, this article will help you in that case. All the citizens around the United States are getting excited to see these recently launched tower heroes of Roblox. 

This article will begin with the introduction of these Tower Heroes April Fools.

Codes list for Tower Heroes 

To get a list of April codes, please see below- 

  • The TEAM-UP- To get back the sticker of team-up. 
  • The ENCORE- To get back the characters as well as stickers. 
  • The SPOOKTACULAR- To get back the bat-boy-skin and sticker of a smiley. 
  • The ENEMPETS- To get back the sticker of Spider. 
  • The PVP UPDATE- To get back the modifier. 
  • The ODDPORT- To get back the free skin and stickers. 
  • The THSTICKERS- If the player wants to get back the free sticker, they can use this code. 
  • The HEROESXBOX- To get back the free skin of the X version. 

Tower Heroes Wiki

  • This April Fools Upgradation is limited and will end by 10th April 2022. 
  • The recent Upgradation has provided a map that can help in the player’s survival. 
  • There are many rewards, and the reward which is provided most here is rewards related to skin. 
  • The players will find many new types of enemies in this upgraded version. 
  • The most exciting part of this Upgradation is that one can play the game as this version forever, but the condition applied for this is to complete the whole map. 

Details for the update version

In this version, the player can educate themselves about all the Tower Heroes Codes of the game, every event, a newly added map, and many more things are present to explore. It is a defensive game of tower provided through Roblox, and the same is developed by the studio of pixel bit. 

Every separate tower has different abilities. For example, several towers are provided with the abilities of burn and detection. Events are present like 2020 Easter, Robot-64, the Halloween, 2020 Christmas champions metaverse etc. 

Scroll down to know details about the rarest code for tower heroes.

Who are the Rarest Tower Heroes April Fools? 

The rarest is named Hayes and can be found in the Halloween section. It is a highly exclusive hero of the tower. The appearance of this tower is of a scarecrow that hits the enemies by spawning the crows. 

The task of these crows is to search for the enemies all around the map of the gaming platform. The level of attack depends upon the life of the crow. These crows attack the enemies till their last breath. 


After analysing today’s topic, we have found that this Upgradation which took place as Tower Heroes April Fools, is amazing. Players can get back the codes quickly and easily by hitting the button for codes. To get the rewards, press the redeem code button.

Let us know your favourite tower in the recent update. Further, to get a proper introduction to the Hayes, here-  

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