LOL Advent Calendar 2021 (December) Surprise Your Kids!

The post talks about the LOL Advent Calendar 2021 and elaborates on its features.

New Year is around the corner, which calls for some exciting offers and deals in splurging on purchases. Numerous brands offer exciting deals across different countries globally, whether the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, or Sweden.

Not only for youngsters, but there are also deals for kids to make their new year extremely exciting and wonderful. One such brand that has come up with an exciting offer is LOL Advent Calendar 2021 by LOL Surprise Store.

In this article, we present you with detailed insight into the product and its varied features. So read till the end to know more.

What is LOL Surprise Store?

L.O.L is a surprise store that offers eloquent kids products ranging from games, dolls, etc. The products sold are gender-specific especially sold for girl kids. The entire pink setup and design of the website are rather self-explanatory.

The products include an amazing range of fashion dolls, dollhouses, party cruiser cars, theme-based birthday surprise package, pencil boxes, mini shop playsets and much more.

In the below sections, we will look into LOL Advent Calendar 2021 and know exactly what it is.

LOL Surprise 2021 – Advent Calendar

So, if you are wondering what the latest perk of shopping from the LOL Surprise store is, then it is the 25+ amazing surprises awaiting the LOL Surprise 2021 Advent Calendar.

It is a surprise doll package, and jet-set QT, which includes a mix of fierce and match looks. Besides, the package is full of surprises as you can unbox different sets, experiment with the fashion, accessories, shoes and some bold patterns that make the doll stand out in the runway contest.

LOL Advent Calendar 2021 – What Does the Package Include?

The package includes amazing fashion pieces that include glamorous accessories, dresses, cute shoes, etc. and an endless combination. Some of the product features include:

  • A perfect countdown for Christmas with 25+ surprises
  • Plenty of fashion clothes, colorful shoes and accessories to make an endless combination
  • Includes 3 pop up tiers of packing

Thus, there are an innumerable collection of surprises that awaits to dazzle your kids this Christmas. Besides, there are plenty of choices to pick from to dress the doll like a fashion diva using different accessories, clothes and shoes at LOL Advent Calendar 2021.


The package is also available on other eCommerce portals across the internet, such as Amazon and Walmart. Besides, you can also purchase the same from the official website that includes many other offerings other than the amazing surprise of unboxing 25+ variants of doll that awaits to present your kids this Christmas.

We hope this article presented you with complete insight into the LOL Surprise 2021 Advent Calendar and what you can expect from purchasing it. Do you want to check out more on the features, then do visit here?

Have you already bought the LOL Advent Calendar 2021 package? What was your experience? Do share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments box below.

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