Is Thetan Arena Legit {Jan 2022} Would This Be Helpful!

Is Thetan Arena Legit shares facts about the new play-to-earn game, which will help players decide its legitimacy.

The play-to-earn gaming model is attracting players, and developers are not complaining; rather, they are busy making a product with the best of both worlds. NFT gaming is all about integrating gaming and Blockchain technology on a single platform for gamers and investors.

Thetan Arena, a multiplayer royal battle game, is popular among video game players in the Philippines and other parts of the world. Since this game is from a new developer, it’s important to know Is Thetan Arena Legit or Scam.

About Thetan Arena Game:

Thetan Arena is a multiplayer battle video game launched on 27th November 2021 on different devices. It has gained more than 1 million players in a few days of its launch, and many more are expected to join in the coming days.

There are different modes in the game which players can use as per their choice, like defence mode, Team Deathmatch, Moba, and battle royale. Players can experience the different situations in the game by choosing the mode of their choice.

The integration of Blockchain technology with the game will allow gamers to earn cryptocurrency while playing the game.

Is Thetan Arena Legit?

Since its launch, the game has done quite well, and there are also many positive reviews about it on the digital platform. Some of the facts about the game are listed below for the players and investors.

  • Eighteen hours ago, it had around 108592 active users on the gaming platform.
  • It has gained more than one million players since its launch.
  • It has a rating of 4.7 on Google play, while on Appstore, it is 4.8.
  • It has a good media presence with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and many more.
  • Its coin is in the top ten trending coins in some countries.

What is attracting players towards Thetan Arena?

Is Thetan Arena legit? This post has enough data to show that this game is getting popular among players. Let’s look at some features of the game; this attracts players towards it.

  • The play-to-earn model of the game is winning a lot of players for Thetan Arena.
  • The different modes of the game are also attracting players as many of them are familiar with it.
  • The game is offering a referral bonus to players for completing their daily tasks.
  •  Chances of winning game currency like Thetan coin and Thetan Gems.
  • Massive airdrops of 13,000 POSI till 8th December.

Is Thetan Arena Legit post found that many scammers are trying to use this game to scam people of their money? Players can get more information about it from a Facebook post of Thetan Arena.  

Final verdict:

The average monthly players are about to touch 2 million for this game, and it is only the 5th day of its launch. This game is tasting early success, and many players are crediting its earn to play model, which they believe are better than many at present.

Players can share their views about this game in the Is Thetan Arena Legit comment section post below.

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  1. Game is absolute trash and pay to win. 3 purcahsed heroes in enemy team against 4 standard heroes in your team you can watch the game because you cant do nothing. For any withdraw you need to earn rank “bronze 1” and be sure if you don’t pay much you will earn it “NEVER”. Dont waste time and nerves on this trash game.


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