Joseph Chris Partners Scam: Know The Truth On Whatsapp Fraud, Minnie

Minnie Joseph Chris Partners Scam on Whatsapp message featured in the UK and suspected to be recruitment fraud. Let’s explore.

Shall we laugh for a while?’ was the tagline of the post shared on Twitter related to Joseph Chris Partners’ recruitment scam in the United Kingdom! A new WhatsApp message is circulating, which takes undue advantage of Joseph Chris Partners firm’s reputation. Let’s check the details of the Joseph Chris Partners Scam..

About Joseph Chris Partners Scam:

‘¿Nos reimos un rato?’ was the tagline of the post shared on the Twitter platform. The tagline translates to – Shall we laugh for a while?

The Joseph Chris Partners WhatsApp recruitment fraud was initially exposed and only posted on Twitter! The post was shared on the status page – 1722593997837730012 of the Twitter user @joquedisgusto02. The post was featured two days ago, on 9th/November/2023, at 12:36 PM London Time.

  • The WhatsApp message stated – Hi, my name is Minnie. I am a recruitment consultantfor Joseph Chris Partners We have received your job application. Are you still looking for a job?
  • The receiver of the message responded – Hi, Minnie. Give me more details, please.

Identifying Joseph Chris Partners Whatsapp scam:

With the format of the message, it was clear that it was not genuine. It is because the message had spelling mistakes such as ‘consultantfor’ and grammatical errors such as missing a period between ‘Joseph Chris Partners We have.’

It must be noted that the official website pages – and, clearly states that Joseph Chris Partners’s recruitment team does not utilize the WhatsApp platform for giving information about job profiles.

The Twitter post had one comment making fun of the scammer, stating that – God, but introduce yourself as Mickey!!!!! As of writing, The Twitter post gained 291 views and three likes but no forwards(shares).

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Joseph Chris Partners Whatsapp utilization:

Note: Joseph Chris Partners posts its requirements only on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, the candidate can submit their resumes on, by which the candidate will be contacted by email and phone number. Private messaging platforms are NOT used.

There was no update shared on @joquedisgusto02 pages about Mimmie’s response. No details related to Minnie’s contact number were presented. Further, it is unclear if the message receiver verified Minnie’s identity, who claimed to be a recruiter for Joseph Chris Partners.

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About Joseph Chris Partners Minnie:

Without such crucial details, the authenticity of Minnie as a recruiter cannot be verified. Due to Minnie’s uncaptured WhatsApp contact number, it cannot be ascertained if the contact number was related to Joseph Chris Partners. Further, the tagline of the message was in Spanish, which is spoken in Latin America but not in the UK.

The receiver of the message could have requested the information to be sent via an official email ID of Joseph Chris Partners. It is unclear if the receiver had applied for a job. Hence, in this situation, Joseph Chris Partners Minnie message could be treated as a SPAM instead of a scam.

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Not all WhatsApp recruitment messages are scams, as genuine firms do opt for business accounts on WhatsApp. There was no indication of too-good-to-be-true offers, requests for personal or payment details, pressure to act quickly, or unprofessional communication except for grammatical errors. Hence, to conclude the authenticity of Joseph Chris Partners WhatsApp scam, the receiver should strictly verify more details.

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