Coin Frenzy Scam: Is This A Legit Site? Check Detailed Review Here

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about the Coin Frenzy Scam to know why it is a high-risk Android application.

Coin Frenzy application is trending Worldwide by reaching the top #50 rank in several countries within a few weeks of its launch. What would be easier than just clicking on the screen and winning cash prizes? Compared to the lottery, Coin Frenzy gives instant results. But would you like to check Coin Frenzy Scam?

About Coin Frenzy Fraud:

Coin Frenzy is a gambling application launched on 24th July 2023 by the game developer Phantom Walkers. Coin Frenzy is a simple app where the user has to click the screen on the casino slot machine. If three images on the slot machine match, the cash coins from the slot get pushed. The value of pushed coins is credited to the player’s account.

There is no withdrawal limit in Coin Frenzy. The user can request a withdrawal at any time. The cash winnings get credited to the player’s PayPal and Cash App account, considered in Coin Frenzy Review. Coin Frenzy opted for extensive and eye-catching advertisements stating that there are no ads in the game and no purchases required. 

However, there are purchases involved in the game. The user has to invest a certain amount to play the game. At the time of withdrawal, Coin Frenzy charges a 1.55% commission on the player’s earnings and approximately 50% towards offers and discounts. So, approximately 56.55% of the amount is deducted from the cash winnings of the users.

Coin Frenzy’s advertisement stated that users can earn up to $600 daily and up to $18,000 monthly. Its advertisement on the internet showed a gameplay where the user continuously wins cash prizes and in-game coins on every click.

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Coin Frenzy Scam:

Coin Frenzy is possibly a scam because if a user loses the game, Coin Frenzy gets their money, and if users win, they still get charged a 56.55% platform fee!

The legitimacy of Coin Frenzy:

Coin Frenzy is a one-month and nine days old application. It was developed by Phantom Walkers. The game is available only for Android OS. Coin Frenzy is listed on the Google Play store. It has 100K+ installs and is rated 3/5 stars. Overall, Coin Frenzy stood at #34 in casino applications, with a predictive increase in its ranking by +2 ranks, considered to check Is Coin Frenzy Legit.

On the Google Play Store, Coin Frenzy is ranked #36. In the USA, Coin Frenzy stood at #35; in Canada, it stood at #60; and in the UK, at #80. In the USA, among all the apps, Coin Frenzy gained 2,649 positions; in Canada, it gained #6,902; and in the UK, it gained #9,191. At the time of its launch, it was at approximately #22K+ position among all Android apps. But, within one month, it reached #2,694 position.

Coin Frenzy requires access to the user’s location, personal information, messaging app, app activities and performance, and device ID, accounted to check Coin Frenzy Scam. The data in transit is encrypted. 

There is no information or website on the internet related to Coin Frenzy and its developer, Phantom Walkers! Hence, its trust score, business ranking, and suspicion profile remain inaccessible. Phantom Walkers is a new Android developer with only one application on the Google Play Store.

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There is no assurance of winning on Coin Frenzy. Infact, it involves high risk and more chances of losing all your money. Analysis of several gambling apps that offer small prizes to the users to give an impression that players can make more money if they progress in the game. But, most of the users lose their money. Hence, Coin Frenzy Scam is possibly true.

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