[Unblurred] Vote This bird.com: Read More Details On Teketeke Yotethisbird.con!

This article aims to share important information about Vote This bird.com and how Teketeke is a part of it.

Have you voted for Teketeke Bird yet? The Bird of the Century competition has raised some controversy among the people of United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and other nations.

People are curious to know how this debate against Vote This bird.com started and what the updates are on it. Stay with us till the last to know all the wind.

What is the idea behind Vote This bird.com?

Vote this bird.com is a specially curated website for pūteketeke birds. The aim behind creating this website was to make the pūteketeke Bird the winner of the Bird of the Century competition.

The person behind this campaign is John Oliver, who took the pūteketeke Bird in this competition as his own choice of Bird, and he also introduced this Bird on his show, “Last Week Tonight with Oliver.

What are the instructions for the Teketeke Bird Vote process?

Vote for the Bird of Century has already started from 30th October 2023 from 9 P.m. People can go directly to https://www.birdoftheyear.org.nz/ and can scroll down or type in the search bar for pūteketeke Bird or any other bird of your choice.

After clicking on the picture, people will get the option to Vote. Along with your favorite Bird, you can choose another four random birds. If you mistakenly select a bird, you will get the opportunity to Unvote it.

Are Yotethisbird.con and Birdoftheyear.org the same?

No vote. This Bird is specially curated for the pūteketeke Bird as birdoftheyear.org.nz is the official page for all the 100 participants of the Bird of The Century competition.

This competition is celebrated as Bird of the Year every year, but this year, it is celebrated as Bird of the Century. This year has marked the 100th year of this festival in New Zealand, so the Bird who wins this competition will be called the Bird of the Century.

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Why Teketeke Bird Vote and other birds are being looked upon?

The Bird of the Year competition, with the hopeful participation of Te Manu Rongonui o te Rautau, aims to increase awareness about New Zealand’s native wildlife, their environments, and the challenges they confront. 

Unfortunately, numerous native species in Aotearoa, New Zealand, are at risk of extinction, necessitating widespread acknowledgment. This annual competition serves as a platform to raise awareness, encouraging people to take action and safeguard endangered species and birds on the brink of extinction.

Yotethisbird.con: Some important points

  • Oliver mentioned that he selected the pūteketeke Bird due to its distinctive name and enjoyable pronunciation. Additionally, he elaborated on the Bird’s behavior.
  • In 2021, the focus was on showcasing lesser-known birds. Consequently, the Bat emerged as the winner of the competition. However, Oliver disagreed with the decision, prompting him to select his preferred Bird for this year’s competition.
  • Upon thoroughly investigating the competition, Oliver uncovers that many individuals exploit the birds featured in the contest for commercial purposes.

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Teketeke Bird Vote is on air till 12th November, and the result will be declared on 13th November. So, people are free to vote for their favorite birds.

Which is your choice of Bird this year? Comment below how you think this article was able to highlight the topics you were looking for.

Disclaimer: We have no intention to defame or promote any birds. All the Bird’s participants are equally eligible to get the people’s Vote.

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