[Uncensored] Jalisco Rojo Video Telegram: Why 5 Jovenes Video Going Viral on Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Twitter? Check Here!

The article trending on social media platforms is about Jalisco Rojo Video Telegram that highlights the case of the five missing men who wear brutally killed.

Have you found the Jalisco Rojo video on online platforms? The video of the incident is going viral on online websites where five young Mexican men disappeared suddenly. The news spread like wildfire in Mexico, the United States, and other parts of the world, and people are trying to know the details of the five men.  

We will discuss the complete details of Jalisco Rojo Video Telegram and know all the related information on the five missing men.

Disclaimer- We do not spread any false news and respect the dignity of people associated and the post mentioned here is taken from online sources.

Updates on Jalisco Rojo Video Telegram

Reports suggest the video was shared on the Telegram platform, where footage of those 5 Mexican men kidnapped and brutally murdered was uploaded. The incident occurred on August 12 2023, and the video went viral on all public media platforms. The viral video shows how brutally those men were tortured and murdered.

The five men went hoping to get a job they found through a call centre. But unfortunately, they became a victim of a drug cartel who wanted them to join his group, they turned down the offer, and in return, they were murdered and burned.

Is the video available on Reddit?

The video contained sensitive content and has been removed from the Reddit platform. Still, those who came across the video said it was inhuman activity, and how those men were tortured is spine-chilling. Unfortunately, the five men were looking out for a job called a call centre where they offered fake recruitment opportunities.

People’s Reaction on Twitter

Knowing the incident netizens were terrified of the incident, and some pictures were released on the Internet where the place was shown. The medical examiners are investigating the area where some burned ashes are seen. When the viral video started trending on social media platforms, the families of those 5 men identified their children and reported them to the police.

Are there any posts on Instagram related to the viral video?

There are some posts on Instagram related to the incident. But we have not come across any video footage on the platform. However, as per the reports, people can view the visuals on Telegram only if they are a member of a particular group. Some videos and images of the incident show how they were brutally killed with a knife or dropped a stone on their head. 

People were also searching for the video on the TikTok platform, but it was not shared, and even if shared, we have not found any links related to the incident on the public media platform. 

Jalisco Rojo 5 Jovenes Video 

The video that started doing rounds on social media shows those 5 young men kneeling on the ground with a great tape covering their mouths. According to the reports, one of the companions was forced to kill his other companions, and the drug cartel then killed him. 

More details on the incident are still awaited, and we will try to provide all the missing links as soon as we get the detailed information. 

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The videos and images circulating online were initially posted on telegram, and people who came across the videos were horrified to an extreme level. Investigations are ongoing, and the official authorities search for the man who committed the crime. People can find more details on various online platforms and websites.

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