Jalisco Rojo Telegram: Why it is Video Trending on Twitter? Check Details Here Now!

The Jalisco Rojo Telegram reports are trending on social media. Learn the details on the viral five people killing video and images on Jalisco.

Do you read reports on the Jalisco Rojo site? It regularly gives updates on all the news that are rolling around Mexico and the United StatesRegular readers of this site have shared a video that is now trending on social media. 

The post here showcases the details on Jalisco Rojo TelegramRead further.

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The recent Jalisco Rojo news

Jalisco Rojo’s social media account handlers shared a video and images on 16 August around 4:06 am on their Telegram account. The visuals, including images and video, are explicit and distressing to the audience on Jalisco Rojo Twitter.

As per Telegram Jalisco Rojo Uriel Galvin Gonzalez, Jamie Martinez Miranda, Diego Lara Santoyo, and Dante Sadillo Hernandez disappeared on Friday, August 2023. They were travelling to Lagos to meet a man at the “Mourinho Lookout Point” on the “Lagos” side of the city. The five friends were travelling in two vehicles. One of the vehicles was a brown jetta with a license plate of JtJ-8638. Details about the other vehicle were not made public. On Saturday, August 12, Metro reported that the five men were stopped by armed men as they were driving. Relatives of the men reported them missing to authorities.

This is a leaked Telegram Jalisco Rojo Video from the “Jalisco Rojo” Telegram Cartel.

What are the visuals of Jalisco Rojo? 

The public can view the visuals shared on Telegram. They do not allow you to share or copy if you are not a Telegram member. The visuals consist of some images and videos.

The video shows an individual identified as Jaime Martinez Miranda, killing his companions with a knife. Jamie was seen furious on Jalisco Rojo Telegram video killing all of them by dropping a stone on their head and cutting their throat severely.

In the images, five young men are in their knells and grey tape is pasted in their mouths. The bloody bodies’ images are now in the limelight on social platforms, which is stressful to the watchers. 

Who are the victims?

After an investigation by the officials, the five young individuals in the images were identified by their relatives and friends. The names of those five people getting attention on Jalisco Rojo Twitter are highlighted below.

  • Roberto Cuellar
  • Diego Alberto Lara Santoyo
  • Uriel Galvan
  • Jaime Martinez Miranda 
  • Dante Hernández 

All five people are in the range of twenty to twenty-two years old. The investigation conducted by their parents confirmed their identity. Moreover, parents also said that they had registered their missing report.

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More than five individuals missing case

The parents of all five people mentioned that they got disappeared on 11th August 2023, which was Friday. They also confirmed that all the boys were after to attend a Logos de Mareno Jalisco Fair 2023.

Though visuals of this incident are circulating on the Jalisco Rojo Telegramall five individuals are not yet located by the officials, either alive or dead. But, officials found a burned car near the site where they had got one charred human remains. It is believed to be one of the five individuals, but confirmation is pending. 


Lagos De Moreno, Jalisco Teenagers Kidnapped
byu/Global_Hope8010 inNarcoFootage


At last, videos and images that are posted on the official Telegram account of Jalisco Rojo are severely hurting. Individuals in the visuals are not found alive or dead. Hence, their whereabouts are questionable. 

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Jalisco Rojo Telegram: FAQs

Q1: Why did Jamie kill his companions?

A: The reason for the attack by Jamie is unclear. 

Q2: Is anyone arrested for this case?

A: No, because no one is found on the site. Except for a charred body in the car.

Q3: Did Jalisco’s five young individuals get kidnapped?

A: In contrast to some reports that report the kidnapping, the parents confirm they intend to attend a Jalisco fair.

Q4: What is Jalisco Rojo?

A: It is the site that reports all the news in Mexico. They share it and give updates on their social media groups, including Telegram.

Q5: How many subscribers does Jalisco Rojo have on Telegram?

A: 15074 subscribers.  

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