[Watch] 5 Young Men Lured by Fake Job Actual Video: Are They Five Were Offer With New Scam?

The 5 Young Men Lured by Fake Job Actual Video shows a brutal act that went viral on the net. Learn what happened to the five missing men.

Are you looking for a decent and high pay job? If it’s yes, then beware of some bogus activity on the internet. Some firms in the United States are luring innocent and young people with false job opportunities.

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What is the viral footage of five young men?

Recently, a video showing five young men getting brutally attacked and losing their lives spread widely on the internet. Many people shared additional pictures connected to this terrible incident. 

The whereabouts of these five men were unknown. Upon investigation, it was found that Five Young Men Were Lured by a Fake Job Offer.

The five men were students aged between 19 to 22 years old. They belong to a Mexican city. Read more details on the job offer given to these five young men.

How did five men get lured?

Five young men fixed a meeting with CJNG (Jalisco New Generation Cartel) leaders. They influence society and promise a secure, high-paying job in the CJNG call center.

Officials got the news from investigating the near and dear ones of Five Young Men Were Lured by a Fake Job Offer. Two of them discussed this opportunity and mentioned this call center offering a security staff post for part-time work.

The firm confirms to the young men that the job will provide a prestigious position, career growth, and high pay. The youngsters got lured and agreed to meet the mysterious person. 

Soon after the meeting, the five young men disappeared. All five, dead or alive, were missing after the video of them being beaten and killed went viral. Officials did not stop and started a massive search for recovering 5 Young Men Lured by Fake Job Actual VideoRead and know about their whereabouts.

Where are the Five young men now? 

Five missing young men from the incident site were identified as Roberto Cuellar, Uriel Galvan, Jaime Martinez Miranda, Dante Hernández, and Diego Alberto Lara Santoyo.

The Mexican investigation officer took a deep dive into the property seen in the photos and video. Initially, there was no one dead or alive on the site. But, after they investigated further, four bodies were found burnt near the building. One more body was found inside the burned car outside the building.

5 Young Men Lured by Fake Job Actual Video shows a concrete building and a brick. It was stained with blood, and some shoes were scattered on the sites. Officials are yet to confirm the identity of the bodies found with the help of medical reports.

About CJNG (Jalisco New Generation Cartel)

The investigators on this five young men case confirms that CJNG is the firm that operates numerous call center in the city. They use the call center to force the employees to promote a fake advertisement that will trick innocent aspiring job seekers. 

Authorities had not yet confirmed the link between the five men’s murder and the CJNG firms. 5 Young Men Lured by Fake Job Actual Video is unavailable on social media due to restricted content.


5 young men aged 19-22 lured by a fake job offer murdered by Mexican drug cartel
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On winding up this post, the firm lured the five men and got brutally killed. The motive for killing this young man is unknown. Also, the brutal video was taken down from the internet.

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