Is Immediate Bitwave Scam: What Is Its Review? Check Its Authenticity Here

Is Immediate Bitwave Scam? You should evaluate if this site is legit by checking out the authenticity factors shared in this post.

Immediate Bitwave is a platform that can be used for trading purposes. The readers are looking for this platform Worldwide to know if this platform is indulged in safe trading options. 

Read About: Is Immediate Bitwave Scam? 

The Immediate Bitwave website has been searched by many people to know its authenticity. It is necessary to understand the authenticity because the users may want to indulge in safe and just trade practices.

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This section will contain all the elements of the legitimacy like the foundation date, trust index, and all other factors. You should read this section properly to know the reality of this website. So, keep reading this post.

  • Creation Date: October 13, 2023, is the creation date of the Immediate Bitwave website. The website seems to be five months old.
  • Trust Score: The score on the website is not appropriate. It has been given only a 1/100 trust score which is a poor score.
  • Expiry Date: This domain will expire on October 13, 2024. 
  • Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc. is the registrar.
  • User’s Feedback: We could not see the reviews of the users on the online review portals and also on the official website. 
  • Social Media Networks: The social media profiles are present on Instagram and Facebook. But, no reviews are present on the same. 

What Is Immediate Bitwave Review? 

Immediate Bitwave is a website that deals in cryptocurrency. It helps the users to trade in cryptocurrency efficiently. You can log in to the page by entering some details and starting trading.

Moreover, we have looked for the reviews on the Immediate Bitwave but the official website has not been reviewed for its services. 

Also, we have checked the reviews on the online review sites, but no site has shared any reviews on this platform online. An opinion on Reddit is available which is not reliable and cannot be considered.

Furthermore, we have checked the social media presence and this website has an account on Facebook and Instagram. But, no reviews were seen on their accounts. Thus, it seems like this account is not popular. 

What Is Immediate Bitwave Review
What Is Immediate Bitwave Review

Immediate Bitwave Is Real or Fake! 

Immediate Bitwave helps users to get engaged in trading with easy methods. Users who do not know the way to trade in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. can get help from this site and start learning trading with some simple steps.

However, many readers could not evaluate if the site is legit or not. Based on the lack of reviews and unpopularity on social media, this website does not look legit. 

The user’s reviews help the readers to have more idea about the authenticity of the website. Also, we have shared some factors to determine the legitimacy above. You can look for the facts there.

One should not share the details of credit or debit cards or any bank details unless they find the portal legit. 

Inference from the Immediate Bitwave Website! 

We have checked for the legitimacy of the website. The website has been registered around five months ago and the trust score evaluated on the website is poor. Based on these two factors, the website cannot be trusted. Check the way to trade in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Moreover, we have seen the reviews and social media presence. The social media accounts are present with no relevant information and the reviews are missing from the portal. 

Hence, we can say that the website cannot be trusted and we must wait for the reviews to be evaluated on this website.

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