Louise Abuel Twitter Video Leaked Telegram: l Age, Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram

In the article below, you will get complete information about Louise Abuel Twitter Video Leaked Telegram and how people reacted to him on Reddit.

Louise Abuel Twitter Video Leaked Telegram is creating chaos on social media as people are talking about the viral video of the young star Louis Abuel. Worldwide people are talking about the unexpected relationship of the cast on and off screen. The famous ABS CBN entertainment show Kapamilya Chat shares a video of Louis, who talks about his relationship with his family and their mutual bonding.

The viral video contains unusual claims and wordings of Louis, which netizens spread fake news about. So, everyone wants to know the reality of the controversial videos and situations that develop on social media.

Reality of Louise Abuel Twitter Video Leaked Telegram

Netizens are reacting widely as they see how he talks of his relationship with his family off and on screen. People are reacting to the bond he shares with his mom and sister. As Louis talks about his bonding and relationship, people start judging him and making hilarious statements about his lifestyle and choices. 

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Now, after watching all the situations and illegitimate public statements, people believe that he is the bad guy and share videos of him on social media. So now people are showing interest in his personal and professional life. 

Reality of Louise Abuel Twitter Video Leaked Telegram
Reality of Louise Abuel Twitter Video Leaked Telegram

Public Demand for Louis Abuel Age

The chaotic situation brought lots of questions and concerns to the public. As a result, people are asking about the age of the lowest and what he achieved in his career. As per the information, Louis is 20 years old and born on 27 December 2003. 

Besides that, people also ask about the details of his wife and girlfriend. Although all the characters on stage have a unique style, he creates relationships with his co-stars. However, sometimes, these relationships go far beyond the genuine bond of friendship for which netizens make various statements. So let’s get more bio details of Louis Abuel. 

Netizens’ Reaction on Reddit

Netizens are the reason why you are talking about the controversial video and his success on social media, including Reddit. Some people are offended by the impression and expression he created among his followers and fans. There are many pages, and admins are sharing the link to the viral video in which he talks rubbish about his relationship. 

As a result, people are sharing a statement that celebrities should keep their relationships as they create negative influence among youngsters. Moreover, the links on Twitter and Reddit redirect users to a page that does not open. 

Social Engagement on Louise Abuel’s Instagram 

Besides that, people are also checking out his Instagram, as it has huge engagement with 41.9 K followers and 39 posts. Although there is a statement on social media that he talks about his co-stars and his relationships with them on Instagram and social media, if you look for it, you will want to see any such video. 

If you see any post of Lewis on Instagram, you will find that there are multiple comments from the girls who are impressed by his amazing looks and style. Additionally, he is popular on TikTok, has multiple fan bases, and has become a social media influencer. 


To conclude, Louis Abuel is a young celebrity who got into controversy as he spread illegitimate allegations and relationship status with his co-star. As a result, people believe that he has a strange personality and does not care about the privacy of other celebrities. 

So, currently, people are talking about his success and the controversial Louise Abuel Twitter Video Leaked Telegram. What was your reaction when you heard such a controversial statement? Comment below.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any celebrity. All the information is for reading purposes.

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