Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews {March 2022} It This Legit

This article shares details about masks and Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews and its trustworthiness among the people.

Pandemic was the first thing that made the whole world together at one time. It taught us many things, including hygiene care and wearing masks throughout the journey. It is considered the new normal, and masks are mandatory to save ourselves from spreading the virus. 

Many platforms in the world have been selling masks online, and therefore, people from the United States are curious to know about the reviews of various masks. 

So, here we are to provide you details about Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews

What are Hope Health KN95 Masks? 

Hope Health provides KN95 masks to you, which you can use at your home for daily use, travelling, work, or any trip. You can even use this Mask while doing your workouts in the gym. 

It is an FDA-registered Mask made by all the guidelines associated with the health sector in the United States

The five-layered Mask is foldable, and you can carry it for one-time use. There is filtration of about 95%. It also avoids non-oily particles suspended in the atmosphere for about 0.3-micron levels. 

Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews will help you get detailed information about the mask. 


  • Type of Product: KN95 masks
  • Brand name: Hope Health Supply
  • Name of the Product: Hope Health Supply KN95. 
  • Style of the Mask: Flat Fold
  • Type of Strap: Earloop
  • Color: White
  • Standard of the Mask: KN95
  • Filtration: 94.03%
  • Breath Capacity: 101.00 pa
  • Price: $29.99
  • Usage: It is a single usage mask. 
  • Washable: No, it is not washable. 
  • Authorization: It is FDA authorized Mask
  • Sizes: All sizes are available.
  • Adjustable: It is flexible and adjustable. 

Positive aspects of Hope Health KN95 Mask: 

Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews provides some positive aspects of the Mask. 

  • This Mask is foldable and with five layers that help to filter the air. 
  • It is an FDA-registered Mask which means that it is authorized to use. 
  • It is lightweight and provides a flexible and adjustable feature to use. 
  • It has a secure seal to fit all the sizes, be it a small age group or adults. 

Negative aspects of Hope Health Supply KN95 Mask: 

  • It is a one-time use mask, and people cannot use it after one-time usage. 
  • The masks are only available in packs, and there is no availability for a single Mask. 

Are Hope Health KN95 Masks legit? 

Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews clarifies some more details about its legitimacy. We have found some parameters that prove the following results. 

  • The product is available on its official platform; however, it is not available on other platforms like Amazon or reselling websites. 
  • It is not available on social media platforms, so this is a pretty vague condition to know that it is not available on social media platforms to claim its legitimacy. 
  • There are consumer reviews available for this website, and therefore we can find that consumers have given their response about the positive and negative aspects of the Mask. 
  • Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews clarified that clear information is provided on its official platform. Therefore, we can see that people can find it useful to read those specifications. 
  • It is FDA authorized, so; we can rely on this factor as it would not be an illegitimate authorization. 
  • The reviews presented on its official platform seem genuine reviews that are not exaggerated ones. Therefore, we can rely on it. 

So, as per our research, we have found that some parameters are suspicious, but, in all, we can find it to be a legitimate product. 

What are Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews

As per our research, we can find that this product has genuine reviews from the consumers. The reviews are not only available on its official website but also on other platforms. So, there are mixed reviews available from the consumers.

Some consumers have responded that the masks are effective and have found them easy to use. Some reviews mention that it is difficult to use because it is five-layered. 

But, in all, some positive reviews claim that it is a legitimate product. 

Furthermore, learn more about it on this link

Final Verdict: 

Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews provide a piece of detailed information about its legitimacy. After thorough research, we found that this product is legitimate, and we can rely on this Mask for our usage. 

In addition to this, you can also learn about how to check the legitimacy of the product

Which Mask is your favourite Mask, and which brand do you prefer? You can share it in the comment section below. 

30 thoughts on “Hope Health Supply kn95 Reviews {March 2022} It This Legit”

    Hope Health Supply is a fraudulent company that takes your money but does not ship the product(s) you ordered. I have tried to contact the company by email as well as telephone calls but they do not reply or answer the telephone. I have reported them to the authorities!

      • I ordered masks from Hope Heakth Masks and am still waiting on my order. I have emailed them 3 times. Got instant (automatic) response first time but no answer to last 2 emails. Is there a phone number for them???

    • I am having the same problem. I ordered Jan 7,22 & still haven’t received my order, also tried to get in touch with the company, emailed four times with no results. I paid thru paypal & hope they can get my money back. I would like to let others know not to buy from them.

  2. Same complaint as above. My order never arrived. No answer to repeated emails. No answer on phone number. From my experience, even with all their beautiful ads, they are a complete scam. Peter

    • Hi Peter f Neumeyer, Hope you are good! This seems that you got through the scam of the website. People have also suffered. I advise you to initiate a refund process with your payment organization. They might be helpful. Take care.

  3. I have the same experience as everyone else. I ordered masks in early January, emailed them several times with no response, found their phone number through the Better Business Bureau and found that their phone number is just a voicemail saying to contact them by email. Total scam.

  4. Same problem as everyone else. Emails are returned and no phone number for customer service. Ordered masks January 10 and my credit card was immediately charged and no masks. I have filed a dispute. DO NOT buy from them!

  5. I ordered on January 9th, emailed them on the 15th, but only had the automatic response. Emailed again 3rd February asking for masks immediately or my money($60), but of course no response at all. What a pity that sites like this cannot be taken down – they must have made a fortune out of those unfortunate enough to have trusted them. Unfortunately I ordered directly from them and not via PayPal as usual.

  6. been waiting over a month now for the kn95 and nothing comes. i have order number .charged my card and nothing shipped or email. please advise.p

  7. My order has yet to be delivered. I have emailed numerous times only to receive an auto-reply saying “my order is being packed this week”

    Unable to reach anyone by phone.

    Total scam!!!

  8. Do not under any circumstances order from this company. Do not expect them to ship masks to you. They don’t have them, but they will charge you for them anyway. In sum:
    I informed Hope Health Supply that the extreme delays were unacceptable a long time ago.
    I cancelled the order a long time ago.
    I have never received any adequate communications from this company, that is to say, actual responses to my inquiries and requests.
    I have already weeks ago ordered the charges to be reversed on my Credit Card, and have asked the bank to refuse any and all efforts by Hope Health Services to recharge or charge me again for the order it failed to ship.
    I have now received a series of emails stating that Hope Health Supply intends to create a shipment months late and no replies to earlier cancellation and information requests. Hope Health Supply sent me inaccurate information (substituting a USPS # and claiming it is a UPS#) in order to make it more difficult for us to block this shipment or have this shipment returned without my having to go through a lot of extra wasted trouble.

  9. I see these reviews are from January. Now it is February and I finally did get my order of masks. I bought them from this company due to TV and online reviews that I now believe HAD to be fake or the company has changed totally. Same result as others – emails not answered. However, sending me constant ads to buy other things from them. Finally order came yesterday and they STINK so much, such a toxic chemical smell, I think if they were the only masks in the world I might not be able to wear them. If one searches more now, in the last few months, one would not find the positive reviews mentioned in this article….

    • Hi Sandra, if people find the portal good to go, they definitely leave positive feedback. but since there are more scam websites, negative reviews are more often get encountered. That way they are alarming. Take care.

  10. Took forever to get the KN95 masks sent to me and company ignored my prior email requests for status. As for the masks…the Made in China masks smelled/tasted like construction material after a short time. I’m reluctant to wear them!

  11. These masks are counterfeit . The company is not legit. Believe all the negative reviews. Spend your money elsewhere.
    I’ve been dealing with them and my credit card company since January. My story matches every other story on this platform and other review platforms. Check out trustpilot.com reviews and save yourself the frustration of dealing with this horrible company.


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