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The guide shares details about the new NFT from the fashion brand and Gucci NFT Price.

Gucci is a famous fashion brand known for its exotic range of handbags, belts, apparel, etc. Now, the fashion house has decided to take its blockchain and crypto aspirations to another level in collaboration with NFT art marketplace Superplastic.

Gucci’s luxury fashion house has collaborated with the digital character brand, Superplastic, to launch the new SuperGucci NFT collection. The Gucci NFT’s theme is based on combining classic designs and motifs of the brand combined with Guggimon and Janky’s digital characters. 

Soon after the news, it started creating a buzz amongst investors in the United Kingdom and the United States. Everyone wants to know the expected Gucci NFT Price.  

What is Gucci NFT?

Gucci NFT is the newly launched Non-Fungible Token by the luxury fashion house. The head of design Gucci, Alessandro Michele, created it in collaboration with the popular digital character brand, Superplastic. 

Gucci confirmed that only 250 NFTs would be available for minting in the initial phase, and it will be released on three different occasions. The first drop of ten NFTs is expected to be launched by 1st February 2022, and each collectible will be available with unique ceramic sculptures designed by Gucci ceramicists in Italy.   

Before its launch, the NFT has started creating a buzz amongst the investors. They want to know the expected price of the NFT.

What is the Expected Gucci NFT Price?

It is not for the first time that Gucci has launched NFTs with collaboration. The luxury fashion brand has already auctioned Gucci Aria NFT earlier, and it helped the brand to earn $25 000, making the NFT the most expensive item Gucci has ever sold. 

Now, it is the time for Gucci NFT in collaboration with the digital character brand, Superplastic. However, the first drop of the NFT is expected to be available for the public by 1st February 2022, and there are no hints on the Gucci NFT Price.

Only ten items will be launched in the first drop on 1st February, and these NFTs will be delivered in three stages, and each digital collectible is expected to have an exclusive ceramic sculpture. But, there is no confirmation about the live value or price of the collectibles. 

Briefing About The Vault

Apart from Gucci NFT, the luxury fashion brand also focuses on launching the online concept store, The Vault. It is built in collaboration with Superplastic. It is launched as the metaverse attraction that is likely to hold different fashion pieces, historical memorabilia, artwork, and NFTs, especially those designed under the Superplastic X House’s collaboration. But, what will be the Gucci NFT Price

Investors interested in buying the NFTs can also purchase them from the Vault. They have to check the live price of the token after it is launched for trading and purchase it accordingly. 


Gucci NFT is the new NFT expected to be launched by February 2022 on three different occasions. The ten NFT items will be launched in the first drop, and the public can get it from 1st February on Superplastic’s Website. However, the fashion brand has not yet confirmed the Gucci NFT Price, and hence investors are eagerly waiting for the first drop.  

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