How to Check Legitimacy of Products- Read Details

The article discusses How to Check Legitimacy of Products and be safe from various online scams to keep enjoying shopping while ensuring your well-being.

Don’t you prefer to shop online? In today’s fast pace of life, none of us have the time to visit offline stores frequently, which is why online stores are gaining immense popularity. It saves our time and effort. 

But at the same time, it also increases the risk of being scammed as it provides several opportunities for scammers to sell their fraudulent products. That is why it is necessary to learn How to Check Legitimacy of Products before indulging in online shopping.

Introduction to Scam Products

To save yourself from the traps of scam products, you first need to know what these products are.

Scam products hold the name and logo of a particular brand while, in reality, it does not belong to that brand. It just uses the name of these brands for its marketing. 

The products that are not really what they claim to be can also be categorized as scam products. For instance, health products that claim to treat or cure any particular discomfort but actually are not tested for safety and effectiveness. Knowing How to Check Legitimacy of Products can save you from the adverse effect of such items. Read the full article to know more about the ways to save yourself from scam products.

Types of Scam Products

As we have already discussed, any product holding any type of fake claim can be called a scam product. So, any type of product can be scammed. Toys, health products. Bags, jewelry, clothes, perfumes, skin products, watches, footwear – anything can be a scam product.

Dangers Posed by Scam Products

Each and everyone should avoid buying any scam product as it cause adverse effects to the buyer. In this article about How to Check Legitimacy of Products, we will discuss all the harmful aspects of a scam product.

  • Financial Loss: We don’t hesitate to pay for quality. But if we have to pay the same amount of money for a lower quality product, then it is definitely a loss to us. 
  • Risk to Well-Being: Most of the scam products are not properly tested, and hence they may not function the way they are advertised. In some cases, there may be some adverse effects as well.
  • Customer Service: If you buy a scam product, most likely, you will not receive any assistance regarding any issue with the product. Sometimes the product is not even delivered to you.

How To Check Legitimacy of Products?

The following methods will come in handy to avoid counterfeit products and be safe.

  • Choose Website: It is always safer to buy any product from the official website of the brand to which it belongs.
  • URL Safety: However, if you are buying a product from any third-party website, you must check if the website link is secured by the https protocol. You should also check whether there is any contradiction between the name of the website and the name shown in the link address.
  • Website’s Age: As per the answers of How to Check Legitimacy of Products, new websites are more prone to scam their customers through counterfeit products. So, check for how long the website is operational, and if the result is less than six months, then it is a complete no-no.
  • Product Description: There is often some misleading data found on the description of a scam product, including spelling mistakes and the wrong placement of the logo.
  • Customers’ Reviews: The comments of the previous buyers are the best way to understand the quality of the product. But before that, you should learn how to distinguish between paid comments and genuine reviews.
  • Social Media: How to Check Legitimacy of Products suggests checking social media for the product’s popularity.
  • Price Range: You need to understand that quality comes with a price. So, do not go for the products with an unbelievable rate of discounts.
  • Availability: Cross-check products’ availability on the official website of the brand and other major websites
  • Trust Index: The trust score of a website is an important component of How to check if product is scam as it determines the site’s authenticity


In order to stay safe and enjoy a pleasant online shopping experience, one should always be alert, and the knowledge of How to Check Legitimacy of Products will be really helpful in this end. Considering all the above-mentioned tricks before making a purchase online will help you make the right decision.