Forgy Wordle {May 2022} Explore the Correct Answers!

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For all the wordle players looking for the answers for the 2nd May puzzle, read this article about Forgy Wordle to know the answers.

Are you stuck with the 2nd May wordle puzzle answers? What are the possible hints for the wordle puzzle? Is Forgy the answer for your wordle puzzle? To all the readers who are looking for the answers to their daily wordle puzzles, this article will help you with the details.

Wordle provides daily puzzles to their players where they need to find the correct word according to the given hints. This is already hype in India, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. Explore the headers about Forgy Wordle to know more.

Details about Forgy Puzzle Wordle Answer:

If you think Forgy is the answer to your daily wordle puzzle, we will help you with extra reward points. Forgy is almost the answer for your grid, but you are missing out with one letter. This was related to the 2nd May puzzle. Players have almost guessed the right word nut and missed out on one letter for the bonus points. This article will help you find the last remaining letter, which will further help you with some extra reward points in the game for easy guessing.

Forgy Game:

Before we come to the spoiler, let’s know the details for its hints to know the possible list of the answers. Hints for the 2nd May Wordle puzzle are:

  • The word contains one vowel.
  • The words end with one of the most common and used letters.
  • The word has one repeated letter, which is true for a vowel.

These were the available list of hints for the game. From these, players have somehow managed to come to a rough guess that it was Forgy. But, for your clarity, one of the letters is wrong the same.

Forgy Wordle:

Further helping you with easy answers, this section is a spoiler warning. So, if you still want to solve the puzzle on your own, then it is advised to skip this section and head to the next one, which will help you with related words.

The correct wordle answer for the 2nd May Puzzle for which people are confused with Forgy is Forgo. This word stands for go something you don’t wish to proceed with.

The possible list of Words for the Answer:

As we have already mentioned that four of the letters in Forgy Game are correct, and you’re just missing out one letter for your answers, this section will help you with more relatable words-  

foray, forum, forza, forgo, forge, forze, forth, forli, forml, forma, forex, fordo, force, forms, forks, forel, foray, fores and many others.

Final Verdict:

If you cannot find the correct answer for your wordle puzzle and are stuck with the last attempt, then the correct answer for the 2nd May puzzle is Forgo.

Find the Wordle Puzzle Here to earn rewards with easy answers. Did this article helped you with your Forgy Wordle queries? Then please help us with your comments in the section below.

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