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This article contains crucial facts about Granados Gabriel March Wiki inform our reader about a postman sentenced to the longest term in history.

Are you aware of the news about a Spanish postman, Gabriel? What did the postman Gabriel do? Many individuals wonder about the reason behind his arrest and the charge on him.

Gabriel March Granados has recently appeared on many social networking sites in the United States and other global areas, but his where-about are anonymous. You must read the post below on Granados Gabriel March Wiki if you want the facts associated with a Spanish postman’s imprisonment, charges, and arrest.

Who exactly is Gabriel?

Gabriel is a Spanish postman who served at the Mallorcan post office as an intermediate urban postman. He was 18 while working as a postman on January 28, 1968. He remained in the position for more than two years.

Where does Gabriel’s name appear?

Gabriel March Granados’ name appears on a list of persons who have spent the most time in imprisonment. He was punished to three lakh eight-four thousand nine hundred and Twelve years in imprisonment. 

Do you want to know What Did Gabriel March Granados Do? It is because of flaws in his job work. He only served fourteen years and two months of that time.

What are the whereabouts of Gabriel Granados?

Gabriel March Granados’ whereabouts are unknown. On the other hand, his name continues cropping up on social networking sites, particularly in discussions regarding facts. Gabriel has served the longest prison sentence in history. Since he didn’t deliver 42,784 e-mails, Gabriel accessed about thirty five thousand seven hundred and eighteen of them and took stuff worth fifty thousand euros from the mails. People who are curious to know the facts associated with the postman can go through the coming sections.

Granados Gabriel March Wiki:

Gabriel March Granados, a Spanish postman, failed to deliver the letters and grabbed the secret illegally. He was accused of stealing documents. 

Here’s how it went down: Palma de Mallorca’s postal service started reporting the inconsistencies. Provincial Court of Palma de Mallorca’s prosecutor charged him with robbing and failing to provide the materials of the matter to the court after he requested them after a lengthy inquiry.

What Did, A Spanish Postman, Do and what are the details On His Arrest Allegations?

A sentence of about 384,912 years in prison and a nineteen million euros fine was imposed due to this. What Did Gabriel March Granados Do? Thousands of charges of misappropriation, theft, and paperwork fraud were filed against Gabriel, and he was found guilty for every letter never sent. 

An additional factor was that the judge did not like to impose such a lengthy prison sentence. Consequently, he sentenced the accused to seven years in prison for fraud and theft and two months in prison for stealing documents from some other individual.


Gabriel, the Spanish postman, often appears on social media networking sites for the longer imprisonment charged in history. Gabriel March Granados was sentenced to the maximum time in prison by the judge. 

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