Lava Wordle {April 2022} 30 April: Get Correct Answer!

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The below article depicts the detailed explanation for the wordle answer 30 April as many players guessed it as Lava Wordle.

Have you become a puzzle solver enthusiast? Are you becoming crazy day by day from the daily challenges from the wordle? Gamers from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand are getting crazy from the daily new word updates.

Many people are finding difficulty in guessing correct wordle answers. Hence, we will guide you with some clues, hints, and details for the Lava Wordle for the puzzle game 30 April.

Is Lava a new version for wordle or an answer for wordle 315 (30 April)?

After our thorough study, we found that LAVA is not a new version for the wordle gameplay. But, it is a wrong guess made by the players in different world regions for the wordle answer 30 April. 

The correct answer for 30 April is “LARVA” and not “LAVA.” The main point to guessing the correct word is that wordle answer always has a 5-letter word and not the 4-letter correct. 

Lava Game – Hints to guess 30 April Answer

  • The word should be of 5-letters
  • It has 2 vowels.
  • The vowel used is “A.”
  • One letter is repeated.
  • The word is used mostly in science references. 
  • The answer is a noun in the English language. 

Hence, from the above hints, the answer for 30 April is “LARVA.”

Rules For the Game

In no time wordle has become the most tremendous and famous among the people. And so, the craziness among the players is hiking day by day. But, everything has some rules and regulations that have to be followed. Therefore, many players guessed the wrong answer as Lava Game for 30 April. Here are some basic rules that need to be followed – 

  • Wordle always gives a guess of a 5-letter word. 
  • You have 6 attempts to fill the tiles with the correct guess. 
  • Color change will help you know whether the guess is correct.  
  • Color changes will be green, yellow, and grey to make you aware of your guess. 

Indications of color details

  • Grey color will help you know that your guessed letter is wrong. 
  • Yellow color will indicate that you guessed the correct letter but placed it on the wrong tile. 
  • Green color will show that your guessed letter and position are correct.

Why is Lava Wordle trending? 

Based on our study, LARVA and LAVA both have 2 vowels and 1 repeating letter. Interestingly, both are related to science terms. Therefore, we can say players must have gotten confused with the words. 

But, the major difference found is with the letter count. LARVA has a 5-letter count, but LAVA has a 4-letter count. So, the correct answer is “LARVA.” 

The Last Words

Based on our study, we can say both the words have many similarities. And hence, the players got confused to guess the correct answer for 30 April as Lava Wordle instead of “LARVA.” Hopefully, now players got the correct answer along with the explanation. 

Further, if you want to know more details for today’s wordle, click here. Have you guessed the correct answer for today’s wordle? Please comment. 

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