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The post talks about Doodle World Moss and elaborates further about the doodle. Read further to understand.

Roblox is a platform that has a massive fan following across the United States. In addition, the platform offers players from Worldwide to explore new genres of games, whether it is related to adventure, creature capture and much more.

And who wouldn’t like to explore more games that add to the excitement of the entire gameplay? The latest to join the list of currently trending games is Doodle World, a creature capture game.

This article will explore Doodle World Moss and how players can get their hands on this feature. So, continue to read.

What is Moss in Doodle World?

Different types of Doodles are provided to the players in the game. As per sources, over 160 types of Doodles are presently available for players in the entire game.

Herein, among the many, Moss is a type of doodle that adds to the player’s power. It can be described as a Water and Plant kind of doodle. Besides, the origin of Moss is found to be Moss only.

In the coming section, we will be elaborating further about Doodle World Moss and explaining it in detail.

Furthermore, these are particularly found near weeds and swamps, and the players need to be very vigilant when they catch hold of it.

An overview of the game Doodle World

Before we explain how you can get the Moss feature in the game, let us elaborate on the game Doodle Wordle. To begin with, Doodle World is a first-person role-playing game. Herein, it is a creature capturing game wherein you as a player can capture different creatures like Pokemon.

The game was developed by the creators of Project Pokemon. Besides, the game has become extremely viral across the United States

Doodle World Moss – Players’ reaction

We decided to conduct in-depth research to learn more about the Moss doodle. Thus, we decided to understand the user reaction and what they have to say about the feature. While most of the players have highlighted the doodle to be extremely cute, many have also stated the chances of catching a Moss doodle is 1 out of 100, which is extremely rare.

One of the users highlighted encountering the Moss in the pond during the first try itself and killing it, considering it common. On the other hand, another user highlighted finding Doodle World Moss but missing it.

Final Conclusion

While the users are offered a wide range of doodles to acquire, few are very rare. These doodles include Moss, which has a speed and attack of 17, the health of 30, and the trait included getting tangled.

Besides, most have described the doodle to be extremely route rare. Thus, we recommend that players be careful when finding the doodle. We hope this article provides complete information about the Moss doodle and its special stats.

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