Wordle New York Times App {April} About Installation!

This post is linked to the Wordle New York Times App and is intended to notify readers about the new application launch for the word-guessing game.

Do you frequently play Wordle? Is it difficult for you to open a browser every time you want to play Wordle? It was recently acquired by New York Times. Many Wordle users Worldwide who often play this word-guessing game look for a convenient way to play it.

A new application was recently launched, named Wordle New York Times App, to provide convenience for users who often want to play Wordle.

Now, let us understand this application better in the below sections.

Wordle App

Wordle, a basic word-guessing game established by Josh Wardle, has attracted a large user base owing to its efficiency and restricted functionality. 

Wordle has provided a straightforward app through New York Times, if you are new to Wordle or a seasoned pro. It aims to put the gameplay on your device’s screen, such as Android or iOS.

Although the New York Times has relocated the gameplay to its website, it is still a convenient procedure to get Wordle for free on every mobile device.

The installation process of Wordle New York Times App

This application can be availed and installed on both iPhone and Android devices. Let us know to install it further.

  1. The installation process of Wordle on iPhone is as follows:
  • You must launch the Safari web browser and go to the official website of Wordle.
  • Select the Share option from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose to Add to Home Screen from the drop-down menu.
  • In the upper-right corner, click on the Add button.
  1. The installation process of Wordle on Android devices is as follows:
  • You must launch Google Chrome and head to the official website of Wordle for Wordle New York Times App.
  • Choose to Add to Home Screen button from the upper-right corner’s three dots.
  • Tap on the Add button.

These steps will assist you in launching the Wordle game right on your devices.

Is Wordle a well-known word-guessing game?

Wordle is only accessible to play once per day, increasing its appeal. People return to the gameplay because they want to play it again, a joyful activity.

Since you only have six tries to reach the right solution, the time consumed by you is determined by your understanding of English vocabulary.

So, you must install Wordle New York Times App and start your game to refresh your brain every day because you will get a new puzzle to solve every day.

Wordle app is accessible on Play Store and App Store. It has color hints to help you determine if you are going the right way or not. 


Wordle, a word-guessing activity, is available to play once daily with six attempts to solve the day’s word. The color indicators will lead you in the right direction in solving the current day’s puzzle. 

Do you want the correct answer? Then pay little attention and grab the answer in this app. Also, let us know in the comments.

So, install Wordle New York Times App today and check here to know more about Wordle’s NYT application.

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