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The puzzle game has indeed become the most appreciated and loved game Worldwide. What was created by Josh Wardle for his girlfriend, who loved to solve English crosswords, has become an instant hit among players across the globe.

However, when it comes to the gameplay, different people use different tactics and techniques to get the word correct within a few guesses. One such technique is applying the best start word that can help keep the streak.

This article will provide Best Start Words to Wordle and a few tips to ace the game.

Best Words to Start Wordle – Know More Details

As per research, it has been noted that most wordle words include letters like E, A, O, T, R, S, N, C, L, I, etc. Therefore, several players have used the general permutations and combinations for guessing the right word.

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Herein, one of the programmer and game designer named Tyler Glaiel assigned to each letter of wordle scores ranging from 0 to 2. Thus, after checking over 12,972 words, he concluded that the Best First Word for Wordle and words included, Raise, Soare, and Roate.

A Gist of the Puzzle Game Wordle

Wordle is one of the finest creations of the present time Worldwide. Herein, players are provided with a platform where they are supposed to solve the crossword consisting of five letters. Moreover, they are also provided hints to understand if the letter they have incorporated is correct or wrong.

For example, if the word is correct, the tile will turn green in colour; if it is correct but placed in the wrong tile, it will be yellow in colour, and if it turns grey, the answer is wrong. 

How to find the Best Start Words to Wordle?

As per research, it has been found that most of the letters reoccur and are used frequently in English. For example, people are often more likely to find the letter A in the word rather than Z.

Besides, as per Peter Norvig, the director of research at Google, it was analysed that there is a list of commonly used letters in English. These include T, A, and E, which top the list.

On the other hand, letters like J, Q, and Z are the least used.

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Final Conclusion

He further stated that these words were best suited to rule out all possible words and immediately get to the correct guess. It has to be noted that all the information presented here is through sources, and we do not hold any claimant to it.

Apart from the above listed three words containing the possible letters, other words like Stare and Seare can get you to the correct answer.

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