David Riley Staten Island {Oct 2022} What Happened To Him?

In this post, we have talked about comedian Lisa Marie Riley and whether her husband, David Riley Staten Island is dead. 

Are you a fan of Lisa Marie Riley? Then you would know about her husband’s fight against cancer. He died recently, unfortunately. Read on to know more. 

Lisa Marie Riley has gained popularity for her humor on social media. She said in many interviews that her humor helped her cope with life. But recently, her husband, David Riley, passed away in Staten Island, United States. So, in this post, we will discuss David Riley Staten Island. 

Who is Lisa Marie Riley? 

Lisa Marie Riley is a former stenographer for courts in the US. David Riley is the husband of Lisa Marie. Riley Lisa Marie is always on-trend but recently, due to an obituary on the InsideGeko website on the death of David Riley. 

Lisa Marie has gained thousands of followers on social media for her humorous videos. She started posting on social media as a hobby to distract herself from the negativity of her husband’s cancer treatment. But soon, her hobby became a relief to her tensions and problems. 

Within a few months, Lisa gained a substantial follower base. She currently works as a comedian posting comedy skits and collaborating with brands. 

Why is One Funny Lisa Marie Husband Cancer Trending?

Lisa Marie was brought up in Brooklyn and is currently based in Staten Island with her husband and children. 

Many fans are speculating about the Lisa’s husband, David as his death news is on the trend. Moreover, in the obituary, it is written that the man who died was from Staten Island. This has made fans more certain that it’s Lisa’s husband, also from Staten Island. 

And it was also mentioned in the obituary that the Staten Island community is shocked and devastated by David’s death. So, there is so much speculation about his death. 

Is David Riley Staten Island Dead? 

The recently published obituary doesn’t confirm on Lisa Marie Riley’s husband death. Also, there is no mention of the cause of death or whether he died of cancer. So, we cannot verify from the obituary that it’s Lisa Marie’s husband. 

However, upon further evaluation from other sources, it was discovered that David Riley, the husband of Lisa Marie Riley, died recently. Therefore, the obituary statement on the InsideGeko page is for the husband of Lisa Marie. 

For second confirmation on the news of David’s death, we instigated Lisa Marie’s social media to account for the death of David Riley Staten Island

The news of David Riley’s death is also confirmed by various social media accounts of Lisa Marie. On Lisa’s official Instagram account, her PR team has announced via Insta story that David Riley is dead. 

In the Insta story, it is stated that everyone is devastated by the unfortunate death of David, and the family is mourning in private. Also, it was mentioned that Lisa thanked everyone for their love and support. 


The unfortunate death of David Riley is a forever loss for Marie. Click here to visit Lisa Marie Riley’s Instagram account for more. 

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