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This article describes the recent puzzle put forward by a trending website that features puzzles on geography. Read moredetails about Bouvet Island Wordle.

Are you interested to know the answer to the latest geography-based puzzle? If so, you are at the right place that elaborates all the relevant details associated with the puzzle and its solution.

Puzzle enthusiasts from Australia, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand keeplooking for the latest puzzle available on the Worldle website. 

As the geographical puzzle became trending recently, more search enquiries got initiated to find the right answer. So, keep reading until the end to understand the Bouvet Island Wordle.

What is Worldle?

Worldle is a geography-based puzzle game that resembles Wordle, a popular word puzzle game. The player’s main task is to identify the geographical location of the displayed image.

The gaming website provides a black image of the country/territory without further markings. Therefore, the user needs to guess according to the shape and structure of the available image.

 The puzzle player can use a maximum of six attempts to find the answer. All the valid name of countries/territories appears as autosuggestion for the userto avoid spelling mistakes.

Bouvet Island Wordle

  • The latest worldle puzzle was available to the website visitors on 12th March 2022.
  • The image looked like an island, but it didn’t look easy to identify for many users.
  • When a user entered Cuba as an answer, the puzzle hinted that the actual island is 11404km away from Cuba; in addition to that, an arrow indicated towards the South-East direction.
  • Japan was 16056km away from this island, and the directional arrow indicated towards South-West direction.
  • The final answer for the Puzzle is Bouvet Island, an island that belongs to Norway. 

About Bouvet Island

  • Bouvet Island Wordle is considered the most remote island in the world.
  • Bouvet Island has been under Norwegian dependency since 1930. The total area of the island is 49 km2.
  • No humans are residing on Bouvet Island.

Steps to Play Worldle

  • Visit the Worldle website.
  • If the gamers don’t have the slightest clue on the displayed image, they can try any random country to avail clues.
  • Even if your answer is wrong, the website tries to help you by providing clues that mention the distance between the country you entered and the right country. Learn on Bouvet Island Wordle.
  • The player can analyze the distance between the countries and check it with the direction arrow to get closer to the country on each step.
  • The country’s proximity percentage also helps determine the closeness towards the answer.
  • A world map can be used as a guide to making more effective decisions.
  • Utilize all six chances effectively for a better result.


Puzzles are a great way to gain information in an entertainment form, and Worldle puzzles help the puzzle players obtain more information about general geography. To know more on the topic as mentioned above, kindly check.

Have you found the answer to Bouvet Island Wordle? If yes, please mention more details below.

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