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Did you hear about Bobbi Anne? Do you know her cause of death? Bobbe Anne was an 18-year-old teenager who was killed in November 2021. People from different countries like South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are grieving over the young girl’s death. People want to know more details regarding the girl. 

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How did Bobbi Anne die?

Bobby Anne Mcleod was an eighteen-year-old teenager. She was found dead in Woodland around Plymouth. As per various sources online, Cody Ackland abducted Bobbi from the bus stop and killed her brutally. Cody is a twenty-four-year-old killer. Cody stabbed Bobbi’s head with a hammer at Leigham’s bus stop. 

He dragged her into his car and drove to Dartmoor’s Bellever Forest car park. He continuously attacked the girl and then killed her. As per online sources, Cody burnt the handbag of Bobbi along with other items. After the incident came to the news, it went viral. Bobbi’s funeral occurred a few days back. All the details are as per sources; we are not blaming anyone.

Bobbi Anne Mcleod Cause Of Death

On 20 November 2021, as sources said Bobbi was going to meet her boyfriend. She reached the bus stop and was abducted by the twenty-four-year-old killed Cody Ackland. As sources said, he stabbed her multiple times and then killed her. Cody confessed his crime to the cops. Her family got worried when she didn’t reach the destination. 

The police started searching for her along with her family and neighbours. After three days after the girl vanished, Cody went up to the cops and confessed that he had killed Bobbi. He told them the place where he hid her body. 

As per Bobbi Anne Mcleod Cause Of Death, after hiding Bobbi’s body, Cody went to have pizza and played the guitar. Please note that we are not blaming any one and not framed anything, just mention the words as per online sources.

Details about Cody Ackland

Cody Ackland is a 24 years old man. He was born in Germany in June 1997. His father was a soldier. His parents drifted their ways when he was a child. As per reports, Cody attended Tor Bridge school. Bobbi also attended the same school. But they had a six-year gap that increased the possibility they didn’t know each other.

After high school, Cody Aukland did several jobs. His passion was music. While searching Bobbi Anne Mcleod Cause Of Death, we found details like he became a songwriter and guitarist for Plymouth indie Rakuda band. 


To conclude the post here, we have found that Bobbi was killed brutally by Cody. Bobbi was an eighteen years old young girl. We have found information online, just presented the same here. After the news went viral on various websites and different social media platforms, people wanted to know about the cause of Bobbi’s death. You can visit this link to know more about Bobbi’s death.

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