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The Carob Wordle puzzle was trending yesterday; do you know why? Let us find out here in this article!

Did you solve yesterday’s Wordle puzzle? Were you able to guess the correct word? Here’s what happened with most of the players! Players from Canada, the United States, the United KingdomAustralia, and other countries were confused about solving Wordle 305.

Players put their brains into guessing the correct Wordle word of the day and then share their scores and streaks on the Internet. However, sometimes players get confused and look for the right answer online, just like people searched for Carob Wordle

Was Carob the right answer for Wordle?

Wordle 305 puzzle on 20 April 2022 was a tricky one. Players were able to get some hints for the correct answer with a few failed tries. Players revealed that the correct word started with “CAR,” and players who had limited tries left started searching for words with the same initials. These words include Carat, Carbs, Carbo, Cards, Cargo, Carob, Carny, Cared, Carve, Carry, Carte, etc.

So, what was the correct answer? Some players later narrowed down that the correct 5-letter word starting with “CAR” also contained an O. Thus, people thought of Carob Game as the correct answer. However, the correct answer for Wordle 305 was Cargo. Yes, Carob was not the correct answer. 

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a popular word game that has got everybody addicted to itself. Players worldwide play this game daily to maintain their streak and boast around friends. Josh Wardle developed it, and yes, the game’s name is intended as a pun on Josh’s last name. 

This free-to-play web-based game received fame soon after players could share their result stats on Twitter. The game now gets the most trending on the Internet each morning. 

More about the Carob Game:

Carob is not a separate game but a word associated and confused as an answer to Wordle 305 on 20 April 2022. As mentioned above, this keyword was trending on the Internet to find the correct answer. 

People were thinking of Carob as the word of the day when, however, Cargo was the correct answer. Did you play Wordle 305? Were you able to guess the 5-letter word? Let us know in the comments! 

How to play Wordle correctly?

Your play shall be strategic to guess the correct word in the limited tries given to you, unlike guessing answers like Carob Wordle. And above all, you must know the rules. 

Here’s what the change in color of the tiles represents on your screen: yellow means the letter is correct but in the wrong tile; grey means the letter is incorrect and green means the letter is in the correct tile. 

Now, to guess the right word, you must learn which all vowels are there in the target word and, at the same time, remember that a letter may be repeated several times. 

Next, you must start eliminating the consonants, not in the target word and find the ones in the target word. 

Final Words:

Carob Wordle was the wrong answer to Wordle 305 on 20 April 2022. However, players were able to guess most parts of the target word. 

Did you play today’s Wordle? If not, click on this link to play Wordle  

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