Klick Wordle {April} Know How To Save And Play Offline!

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By Marifilmines Team

This article discusses the word game and Klick Wordle. Visit the full article to know about offline Wordle.

Do you want to play Wordle offline? Now you can save the Wordle game and play it without the internet for free. We have got a way to make your Wordle journey more exciting. You can play the Wordle game without the internet with just a few steps. People from the United States and Canada are curious to know about the offline Wordle.

Some people are clicking, mistyping it as Klick. So here we will know all the details about Klick Wordle.

How to save Wordle offline?

Before explaining the steps, players must know that they will no longer be able to see your streaks and wins and lose the previous ones. So following are the steps you can follow to get offline Wordle:

  • You need a laptop or PC and a good internet connection to install the game.
  • Open the Wordle game website.
  • Save the website on your desktop. 
  • Open the Wordle website with or without the internet.
  • After opening the Wordle, right-click on anywhere on the surface of the page.
  • You will see various options. Click on save as.
  • Name your Wordle game file whatever you want for Klick Game.
  • Then click on save to save your game.
  • You can also double-click the shortcut on your desktop to play the game.

How to play offline Wordle? 

There is no official app to install the Wordle game. You can save the website on your desktop. Offline Wordle is the exact copy of online Wordle. The only limitation is you can not access your previous streaks.

Steps to play offline Wordle:-

  • Open the Wordle on your desktop by double-clicking or by the saved files. 
  • The same interface of Wordle will display.
  • Type the words you have guessed. The colors will indicate if the word is correct.

Klick Wordle pros and cons


The offline version provides the game without internet access. You can play anywhere and anytime without an internet connection. 

Players do not have to go to the Worldle website daily from their browser. They can play the game directly by double-clicking on the shortcut.


Once you have got the correct answer in six attempts, the game will be over, and you can play the next day. You can not see your streaks.

The previous and current streaks will be disappeared, and you can not bring them back on Klick Wordle.

The game will no longer record your wins. So you can not share them with your friends on social media.


Technologist Aaron Rieke posted the offline Wordle idea on Twitter. Offline Wordle has multiple benefits and mainly for those who face internet issues. Anyone can, with a PC or laptop, play the Wordle offline. To play Wordle, you have to follow some easy steps given in this article. Visit this link to know more about Wordle.

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