Exide Wordle {April 2022} Know The Right Answer & Hints!

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This article holds all the confusion clearing material related to Exide Wordle. You may consider it if you want.    

Are you a daily visitor of the Wordle website? Do you like to be a regular gamer of the game Wordle? If your answer is yes, you must know that Wordle brings new words related to different aspects. Are you aware of today’s Wordle? 

Do you know the terms of chemistry? To calm your excitement and let you know what the people of Australia, and New Zealand are thinking, read below. Is there any confusion regarding today’s Wordle as it’s Exide Wordle? This word makes no sense. So, let’s find the answer to it. 

Is Exide a word or a Game?

Our research found that the answer for puzzle wordle for the 21st April 2022 is Oxide and not Exide. But the players are confused because hints are quite difficult to be guessed. 

Exide is not any other series or version of worlds. It is nothing but the confusion that happened to the players. The correct word is Oxide but not exude mark that. 

Hints to guess the correct word as per Exide Game 

  • If you have even a slight interest in chemistry, you can easily guess this word. 
  • Players are asked to think of any chemistry terms that start with some vowel.
  • The best and most easy hint is that today’s Wordle relates to the compound section of chemistry. 
  • Does the word have any double letters? Nah! It’s not that. Just focus on a word used frequently in the subject of chemistry. 

How to play the Exide Wordle puzzle? 

As the players start the game, different hints for the word will start appearing on the screen. The player will be asked to guess this intact word made up of 5 alphabets, and there is a relaxation of six chances to guess the word properly. 

The green box indicates that the word is guessed correctly and is placed in the right place. Yellow boxes are for the words guessed correctly but are not placed correctly. If the alphabet is not correctly guessed, then the box of Exide Game will turn grey. 

Further, this write-up has discovered that today’s word oxide is based upon all the hints provided on the internet. This is a correct guess. If you haven’t guessed it, you can go with this answer.

Why is it Trending? 

When the players started searching for the Wordle word for today, they came to guess it as Exide, but they know that the correct word is Oxide, which made them reach out for internet help. This made the topic trending. 


The research via the internet regarding the Exide Wordle found that this is an incorrect guess and got publicity due to the player’s excitement. If you look forward to knowing the correct answer, it is explained above very clearly and according to hints. Hope this article is helpful for the readers it attracted. 

Let us know your guessed answer for today’s Wordle in the comments. Further, to get a helpful guideline for today’s Wordle, refer to this- 

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