{Uncensored} Bahsid McLean Selfie Picture: Why Photo Unblurred Viral on Twitter & Reddit?

Bahsid McLean Selfie Picture write-up has discussed a ten-year-old gruesome story whose blurred image is circulating on the social site.

Have you seen the selfie photo of Bahsid Mclean that has traumatized many netizens on social media? A selfie picture of Mclean has disturbed online audiences Worldwide after they became aware of the story circulating on the internet.

The selfie image shows Bahsid holding a woman’s head while taking the picture. This unfortunate incident occurred in February 2013, and Bahsid was found guilty of the crime. Bahsid McLean Selfie Picture has discussed this gruesome story and shared related links. 

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What is Bahsid McLean Selfie Image Trending on Social Sites?

The selfie image of Bahsid shows the man holding a head in his hand near a bathroom. The gruesome act was committed by Bahsid in February 2023, killing his mother and decapitating her body. Mclean held her mother’s head in his hand in a bizarre act and took a selfie.

The police recovered the selfie image from his mobile device and initiated an inquiry against the culprit. The court found Bahsid Mclean guilty and sentenced him. 

Is Bahsid McLean Photo Real or Fake?

The photo of Bahsid has gone viral on social site Tiktok and is also generating views for the digital creator. The selfie photo of McLean has shocked many viewers as they witnessed the blurred version on their mobile. The police investigating the case confirmed that several disturbing images were found on Bahsid’s mobile, and a photo circulating on the internet is one of them.

The photo reached the social site, but officials later removed it from the internet. The current circulating photo is blurred and shows Bahsid in front of the bathroom mirror. Bahsid McLean Photo Unblurred leaked to social sites ten years ago but was removed from most platforms. 

Bahsid Mclean Image Video Reviews:

The blurred image of Bahsid’s selfie is circulating on Tiktok with a differently titled video. The image video has attracted many viewers, but the story behind the image has made netizens sick. The thought of killing one’s mother and holding her decapitated head for a selfie has traumatized people. 

The inhuman act committed by Bahsid has infuriated people, as most of them called him “sick.” When he committed the crime, Bahsid was 23, while his mother, Tanya Bird, was 52.

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Bahsid McLean Picture on Twitter:

Some images of Bahsid are also circulating on this platform, but most are blurred at one end. The Bahsid image could be found on various keywords, and most pics show a bald head McLean holding the head. Most pics on this platform were uploaded after the crime and during the trial period.

Some messages on this platform suggest that Mclean killed his mother after she reprimanded him for not looking after his baby boy. He slit her neck with the knife and later decapitated her body with the help of his friend. 

Zara Coombs Story on Reddit platform:

Bahsid killed his mother in February 2013, and around four years later, his wife was charged with killing his four-year-old son. A story on this platform states that a four-year-old of Bahsid’s son named Zamair was severely beaten by her mother, Coombs, for dropping an egg on the floor. Zara’s boyfriend reached the site and saw the boy lying dead in a water-filled plastic storage bin.

Social Media Links:

Man who beheaded his mother and took a selfie with her head is father of fatally beaten 4 year old boy
byu/moonie121 inMorbidReality

Final verdict:

Bahsid is serving a 25-year jail term for killing his mother, while Zara was convicted in November 2016 for murdering his four-year-old son. Bahsid McLean Photo Unblurred is trending on most social sites, making people sick and uncomfortable. 

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