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Aniversario Del Poni Express (Aug) What You Need To Know >> Find out all about one of the very first mail services and how they created an impact strong enough that Google paid them homage.

Have you ever imagined a world without mobiles and the internet? Unfortunately, when you are not that easily connected with your loved ones, it takes time for any message to reach the intended person. 

The bygone era of letters and postcards was when people had to wait days to hear back from their family and friends. Those were days when Worldwide post offices prospered, and there were mail services in which people worked day and night to bring you the news of your people. 

Let’s go back to the humble beginnings of Pony Express, which is an actual keyword, and join in on the celebrations for Aniversario Del Poni Express

What is Pony Express?

As we reported, Pony Express was one of the earliest mail services that helped people Worldwide connect to their loved ones. The Pony Express was the brainchild of William Russell, Alexander Majors, and William B. Waddell. 

They wanted to deliver the letters with the help of a short route to people as soon as possible. Thus, they assembled the establishment within two months in 1860. Initially, the organization had 80 riders, 184 stations to cover, 400 horses, and approx. 100 staff people. The prices for their services were $5 per for 14g of the package, which increased to $2.50 and eventually by 1861 reached $1.

About Aniversario Del Poni Express

As the title suggests, we are focusing on the Anniversary of the Pony Express after years of service to their customers. The organization started on 3 April 1860 and served diligently, especially during the Civil war. 

The people hired for the letter delivery worked with determination making the journey on horseback from California to Missouri to make the delivery on time. The first letter was delivered by this service on 14 April 1860. Hence on its 155th anniversary on 14 April 2015, to commemorate their services, Google decided to make a Doodle game.

The doodle game celebrating Aniversario Del Poni Express (Anniversary of the Pony Express) was an obstacle game in which the individual has to make 100 letter deliveries. 

Some Interesting Facts About the Company 

Let’s dive into some enjoyable facts about the organization:

  • The first people who left with the letters could keep the company’s promise of delivering letters in 10 days. They left from Sacramento and St. Joseph on 3 April 1860 and reached by 14 April 1860.
  • Buffalo Bill was the name of the rider that shot to fame because of the Wild West shows. He was one of the famous riders in the company. 
  • Another fact to remember during Aniversario Del Poni Express should be that Pony express lost just one rider and one shipment during its service.
  • Once, the Pony express made a delivery in seven days and seventeen hours to President Abraham Lincoln. 

Wrapping It All

Hence, in conclusion, we would like to salute every rider and service member of this organization to make the lives of countless people easy and make them all feel connected. What they did was no easy feat, and given the journey they had to make to be in time, it is worth everything that Google honored them on Aniversario Del Poni Express with such a doodle game. If you are interested in the history of the Pony Express, watch here. 

What are your thoughts on the doodle game by google for Pony express? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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