Boku No Hero 323 (Aug 2021) Find The New Release Date!

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Boku No Hero 323 (Aug 2021) Find The New Release Date! >> If you are interested in catching up with new episodes of the famous manga series and want news on upcoming episodes, then continue reading.

One of the things that the people can’t get enough of throughout the time be undoubtedly a good narrative. Everyone loves a good story. We all grew up watching these stories play out on big and small screens alike. 

With time many used to leave behind these stories; however, the trends are changing. Now manga or graphic novels originated from Japan are taking over people’s (especially youngsters) hearts Worldwide

Currently trending among them is Boku No Hero, and people are awaiting the release of Boku No Hero 323. Hence, without keeping them waiting, let’s find out all there is to know. 

What is Boku No Hero? 

The Manga is a series of graphic novels that started in Japan as early as the 12th century that everyone Worldwide enjoys. One of the most popular manga currently is Boku no Hero Academia Manga. Kohei Horikoshi creates it, and the central theme of the story is superheroes and what makes a superhero. The series is also known as My Hero Academia and is available online with its many spinoffs.

The story of Boku No Hero 323 is about a regular middle school kid Izuku Midoriya in a world of individuals with a superpower (or Quirks). The story traces how Izuku Midoriya faces problems in U.A. High School and struggles with being the only regular kid in the middle of all the great superheroes.

About the Main Character of Boku No Hero

The main character of the series is Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku by everyone around him. He is a regular high school student born without any superpowers or Quirk in a society where every individual has superpowers. However, the hero of Boku No Hero 323 is no weakling. He was born with a strong sense of justice and had shown natural heroism with his actions. 

Appearance-wise, Deku is short compared to his peers and has dark green hair that is always a mess and dark green eyes. He is described as a skinny plain-looking character. However, he becomes more strong and bulky as the series progresses. 

The personality of Deku initially was portrayed as polite, reserved, and shy, with occasional overreacting to situations. He is also a little insecure and vulnerable character with his lack of powers. However, the character arc of Deku is such that he becomes more confident and emerges as a strong leader.

Updates about Boku No Hero 323

The current status of the series is that they released chapter 322, an emotion-packed ride for the fans. Deku left the U.A. High School to protect his peers and everyone he loves. However, his peers are not giving up on him and convince him to come back. Episode 322 ended there and made the fans waiting for what was next. 

Usually, the episodes are released every Sunday, and the next chapter was scheduled to be released on 15 August 2021. However, due to the magazine going on a break, the release date has been shifted to 22 August 2021 for online, and the print will be available on 23 August 2021.  

The Final Verdict 

Boku No Hero 323, as we mentioned, is one of the epics that has been celebrated among manga lovers. But, unfortunately, people are early waiting for the episode to release as it is already delayed once. However, we can all agree that the wait will be worth it as the manga is picking up pace with heart-gripping moments.

If you want Bakugo & Deku’s Viral Moment from Chapter 322, then visit here. 

How are you feeling with the wait for a new chapter of Boku No Hero? Please tell us in the comments section.

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