Frank Speech .com (Aug 2021) About Cyber Symposium!

Frank Speech .com (Aug 2021) About Cyber Symposium! >> Get information about the recent event that promises to provide an opportunity to know the truth behind the US presidential election of 2020.

Elections are one of the most prominent events in any society. So, it is when people get a chance to elect their leaders and, more specifically, undo their mistakes during the previous year of elections. 

Moreover, people from different areas of the world, be it the United States or Canadafind the power to change their history by voting. Hence elections are an eventful time for any country. One such election was the 2020 US presidential election, where many speculations were raised by Trump supporters mostly. 

Therefore, let’s find out what they are up to now and know more about the Frank Speech .com details. 

What is Frank Speech?

Before understanding the symposium, we need to understand the platform affiliated. The Frank Speech is a social platform that is designed and made by Mike Lindell. It is the same Mike Lindell who is also the CEO of My Pillow. The platform promotes freedom of speech and has the motto ” The Voice of Free Speech.”

Lindell came up with the idea for the platform after getting banned on mainstream social media platforms. According to the news, Frank Speech has been in development for four years now and is a combination of Twitter and YouTube. Please stay connected to get more details about frankspeech com cyber symposium further in this post.

The Reason for the Cyber Symposium

Now recently, Lindell announced that he was thinking of organizing a conference or meeting for people worldwide to join in. The aim of this conference would be to demask the truth behind the 2020 US presidential election where Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden. 

According to Lindell, there was foul play in the election. A thing to bear in mind is that Lindell was Trump’s election campaign chairman for Minnesota.

frankspeech com cyber symposium Details 

The event was a streaming event that was open for people to join in from anywhere in the world. The event began on 10 August 2021, and it was a three-day session that will end on 12 August 2021.

As mentioned, the motto of the whole conference was to lift the curtains off the conspiracy that happened against Trump in the 2020 US presidential election. The streaming was taking place on the official website of Frank Speech. Lindell promised to present all the evidence necessary to establish that there was external involvement during the election. The conference on the Frank Speech .com website was 72 hours streaming, and Lindell promised 5 million dollars to anybody who could prove him wrong. 

The Final Thoughts

To summarize the whole ordeal, there is no record that he showed any evidence at the conference even though he promised that he has details and proof of such a conspiracy happening. As part of the evidence, he played some part in the presidential speech during the conference. 

All in all, this are the information that we could find about the event online. People discussed not much other than that he allegedly got hacked the first day streaming on Frank Speech .com. Read here, if you want to know who Mike Lindell is and his involvement in the 2020 US presidential election

Did you attend this cyber symposium? Let us know in the comments what are your thoughts.  All the information is taken from sources and internet. Please research and explore at your end also.

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