Allylikes Reviews (March 2022) Is This Site Legit Or A Scam?

Please read this article about Allylikes Reviews to know whether the website is a safe platform to place orders or not.

How do you state the authenticity of an online platform? What all are the pointers you check before claiming the legitimacy? Will you trust a newly launched online platform?

Certain factors need to be addressed before claiming the legitimacy of the online platform. In this article below, we will fetch these details for Allylikes, the platform with its hype in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Let’s get into the details for Allylikes Reviews to explore whether the platform can be trusted or not!

What is Allylikes?

Allylikes is an online clothing platform dealing with multiple options for women’s clothing and apparel. The online shop has multiple categories, including new collections, clothing, dresses, tops, bottoms, under-wears, accessories, and other related options.

Customer who wishes to scroll down a plethora of options before selecting anyone can visit the website. Moreover, the platform has mentioned all its details on the page. It also gives the options to its visitors to become an influencer.

But these pointers do not give a hint to the answers for Is Allylikes Legit! Hence, let’s just scroll down to the specifications to know more.

Specifications of the Website:

  • Website: Deals with women’s clothing and accessories options.
  • URL: Email: Not Mentioned.
  • Address: Not Available on the webpage.
  • Contact number: Not mentioned over the internet.
  • Shipping Time: 5-7 business days.
  • Shipping Cost: Free Shipping on orders above 19 Euro.
  • Delivery: Orders from this website are delivered within 10-20 days of placements.
  • Returns: The website offers a 30-day return policy.
  • Exchange: Not accepted by the platform.
  • Refund: Initiated within 5 business days after returns.
  • Cancellation: Acceptable only before the orders are shipped.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Debit, and Credit Cards.

These specifications give a hint for Allylikes Reviews explaining some of the technical aspects of the platform. Let’s dig into the details of its pros and cons to get better clarity.

Positive Aspects of the Website:

  • The website has all its details mentioned over the webpage.
  • The platform provides 24/7 customer services to their customers.
  • The brand also has an appealing social media presence.

Negative Aspects of the Platform:

  • Contact Details of the website are missing.
  • The website usually takes a long time to deliver its products.
  • The website does not accept exchanges for orders.

Is Allylikes Legit?

Certain factors need to be addressed before claiming the authenticity of these online platforms. Addressing all these issues, we have mentioned the pointers below for your clarity which will help you know whether the platform can be trusted or not.

  • The domain age for this website is only eight months old.
  • The website has an appealing social media presence, with thousands of followers and engagements.
  • The Trust score for the website is lower, which is below 40%.
  • Trust Pilot reviews for the platform are also missing.
  • The website has detailed information about all their products.
  • Allylikes Reviews mentioned over the internet are yet not in its favor.
  • The website has verified HTTPS and a user-friendly interface.
  • The platform has mentioned 24/7 customer support, but contact details for the same are missing.
  • Some of the content for the website’s policies is copied from other platforms.
  • Availability of online links for the website is missing over the internet.

These all factors give a clear hint about the website’s legitimacy. These state that the platform is comparatively old and that the appealing social media presence is impressive enough to attract customers.

Let’s explore the reviews for this platform to get a clear and better view of the same.

Allylikes Reviews:

After scrolling down multiple links for the platform, we found out that the website reviews are missing over the internet. Not many customers have rated and explained their purchases with the platform yet.

But, some of the reviews available on its social media platform says that the website seems to be appreciative. The customer has appreciated their purchases with the platform, placing repeat orders from the same.

Some of the reviews available over the internet for its trust score and other related points are not in favor of the website.

Allylikes Reviews thus says that it has not recorded many purchases yet.

This newly launched platform has the risk of scams.

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Final Verdict:

Allylikes is a new platform launched around eight months ago. The platform is trying to establish its identity, gaining as many customers as possible. But for now, it has not fetched many reviews from its customers.

Therefore, we request our readers to wait for a while before placing orders from these platforms, as this seems to be suspicious Suspicion of the pointers revealed in the article about Allylikes Reviews. 

Please help us with your reviews of this article in the given section below.

12 thoughts on “Allylikes Reviews (March 2022) Is This Site Legit Or A Scam?”

  1. For all the reasons you stated I wouldn’t trust this site. I can almost guarantee it’s business is in China.
    It’s such a shame as China produces tons of quality products around the World, but it also has a reputation for scamming people with poorly made products. If a website doesn’t provide full contact details including mailing address, HQ address,, website details, contact numbers etc. That’s always a tell-tale sign to not trust them.

  2. I ordered the Berry sequin bodycon dress. The money left my account but I didn’t get any confirmation email or anything and there is no record of my order on my Allylikes Profile. Coincidentally or not but I keep getting emails advertising things that I have searched on other sites. Strangely the seller who showed up in my account that took the money is the same as another site Alibaba. I did receive my parcel from Alibaba though. Weird!

  3. Hi, the owner is alibaba which is a big site with products from China with poor quality. If a blazer and pants costs 20 Euro I’ll doubt that the quality is good.

    PS: I found out in the app store about the owner.

    Take care

    • Hello Zaynab, Thanks for the valuable update. It will be helpful to other individuals and they can stay away. It is advisable, to check the reviews of respective portals and then decide to proceed or not. Nowadays, scammers are smart and they cheat buyers anyways. Please update here. Take care. Thanks.

  4. I have ordered off this site and not received my item I tried to email the customer services but the email would not send, don’t bother it’s not worth the hassle

    • Hi Kerri, it is a true side that many of the scam websites operate this way. What you can do is that check with the PayPal or credit card team for refund. Hopefully it will work. Take care.


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