Mother Stacks Died (Nov 2021) Know The Details Below!

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The news recently flowed over media in the United States especially stating the death of one of the American pastors who worked under the pentecostal church named Shalom Fellowship International. 

Now the audiences, her family members, and friends all around who knew her are in shock after it was revealed that Mother Stacks Died. But now it’s time for the audience to know the reason why she died abruptly. At the same time, a lot of you might not be knowing who she is. So, this write-up gives everyone overall knowledge about Mother Stacks and the reason for her death.

Who Is Mother Gertrude Stacks?

Mother Stacks is a famous and popular senior American pastor who worked under the Fellowship of Shalom International, a Pentecostal Christian church. She is also recognized by her brother, who was an American comedian and actor named John Witherspoon. 

Reasons for how Did Mother Stacks Died will be uncovered in the discussion ahead.

Mother Stacks was born on October 26th, 1994 Michigan, in Detroit, USA. 

Her father’s name is Prophet Cato ll, and her Mother’s name is Tennesee Weatherspoon. Currently, Mother Stacks was seventy-seven years old, and Scorpion is her zodiac sign.

She had ten siblings, of which she was the seventh child of her parents. She used to spend her time playing with them. She was graduate with a humanities degree as an honorary doctor. Later she attained the degree of doctor in divinity by enrolling herself in the same school.

How Did Mother Stacks Died?

Dr. Stacks Died recently, and the reason for her death is still unknown. She was seventy-seven years old. She died after the 12th day of celebrating her seventy-seven birthdays. She expired on 20th September 2021.

Her family announced her death on a Facebook page. Condolences and tributes were flooded over there by her families and friends. 

According to Mother Stacks, her gifts were discerning spirits, prophecy, deliverance, healing, knowledge, and wisdom.

Her siblings state that she was the most religious individual in their family. She was born as a Christian at the age of twenty-five.

Thus, the family hasn’t revealed yet how Did Mother Stacks Died.

About Her Brother

Mother Stacks brother was John Witherspoon. He was American Comedian and an Actor. He took part in many of the television films and shows. He expired on 29th October 2019.

He is remembered mostly for her played a role in the Friday series as Willie Jones. When he was born, his surname was Weatherspoon, but later, he changed it to Witherspoon.

John used to be very busy in his work in entertainment and television, and through this, he built up a lot of his fans and many followers.


The Mother Stacks Died presentation above doesn’t reveal the death reason of Mother Stacks as her family hasn’t uncovered  how and why she died. 

But yes, it’s confirmed that Mother Gertrude Stacks died a few days ago and left everyone in shock.  

Do you know the reason for Mother Stack’s death? Comment 

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  1. Most of the time, when a church leader dies, it’s a secret or someone is telling a lie about the cause of death.

    Mother Stacks died from full blown AIDS.

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