How to Use Live Text Ios 15 (Sep) Get Reliable Detail!

The article will guide you about How to Use Live Text Ios 15, a dynamic feature introduced by Apple in the latest version of their iOS operating system.

Do you own an Apple I-phone? Or are you planning to get one? Apple has a wide market worldwide, particularly in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and India.

The latest models of the I-phone have some very interesting features to offer, and the tech giant has made it even better by adding the Live Text feature in its recent update. Now, let us guide you about How to Use Live Text Ios 15 in your new I-phone.

Overview Of iOS 15

The latest software update from Apple is known as iOS 15. Users all over the world were eagerly waiting for it, and now Apple has finally released it with tons of new features. It was launched at the worldwide platform of the Developers Conference in June, but now it is accessible to all users.

This latest version of the iOS operating system is supported in all the I-phone models. But you can only enjoy this version to its full potential with the latest model as some features are restricted to the models launched after 2018. How to Use Live Text Ios 15 will also tell about other offerings of this update.

Features of iOS 15

  • Face Time call support for other Non-Apple devices
  • Focus Mode
  • Live Text
  • New features for privacy
  • Various apps have been redesigned
  • In the Wallet app, you can keep your Id Cards
  • Spatial Audio Support
  • Portrait mode for face time call
  • Voice isolation mode
  • Notifications have also been redesigned

What Is Live Text?

We need to have a clear concept about the feature called Live Text before discussing How to Use Live Text Ios 15. This Live Text is the most interesting feature of iOS 15. The feature is able to read textual information from an image.

Live text can be used to copy and share text by using the camera or from a saved image. It enables the users to access the map for direction and send mail by scanning an image.

You can also make a call by scanning the number shown in an image. You don’t have to put in the effort of typing the number manually. It also translates text taken from an image into seven different languages.

How to Use Live Text Ios 15?

  • Copy Text: After selecting the image, tap and hold the text to be copied. Then tap on copy button.
  • Call: Tap on the phone number on an image, and you will get the call option.
  • Email: Tap on the email address on the image and get the option to send mail
  • Translate: Select a text on an image. Then tap on the translate button and choose the language. Visit here for more details about Live text.


No doubt that the latest update of the iOS operating system has several interesting features, and the knowledge about How to Use Live Text Ios 15 will definitely make our lives easier, saving our time and effort.

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