7 Gifts to Get for Your Pet on eBay

Often are we quick to purchase super-expensive and luxurious gifts for our human loved ones. While there is nothing wrong with that, sometimes, our little fur-kids deserve some of that unyielding love. The problem is—what do we get them since they already have us?

Not to worry though, we’re here to help! Today, we will be listing down 7 gifts you can get for your pets to shower them with lots and lots of love.

So, let’s begin!

1. Toss-and-Tug Toys

If you are lucky enough to have a lively and friendly-feral pet, a toss-and-tug toy is definitely needed. These lovely fur paws will chase these toys until the ends of the earth and will gnaw at them for a long time.

These toys are also really great to keep your pets up and running for exercise purposes. So, if you are caught up with work or just not feeling it to bring your pet out for a walk, these toys are a great substitute.

We do recommend readers get a good-quality one though. A premium toss-and-tug toy can last for a really long time and are really durable compared to their cheaper variations.

2. A Cushy Bed

A Cushy Bed

On the other aisle, we have some pets who are just basically Garfield and would like to just laze around. These docile kinds of pets will best benefit from a cushy bed that is soft and comfy.

For ease of care, getting a bed that is microsuede made is the best if your pets tend to leave their marks behind. This is because a microsuede bed is resistant to nibbles and scratches from your pets so even if they get too excited, they would not really damage the bed.

And if you are feeling generous, you can also add other items and accessories to the bed like a cushion or a blanket. It’s really simple to do and with some effort, you can easily make a dream bed for your lovely pet!

3. A Play Stand

A Play Stand

A play stand is designed for our feathered friends like a parrot or a parakeet. These play stands come in different versions and the more expensive ones have more applications your pet bird can indulge in.

A complete play stand will typically have a ladder(s), a swing and a perch. These items are used to encourage your pet birds to be mobile and not be stagnant all the time. Also, modern play stands are very portable and can even be brought outdoors.

So, if you are planning on going on a picnic trip, with a play stand, you can now involve your pet bird in your outing!

4. A Mini Playground

A Mini Playground

A small playground just for your pet might seem a little excessive, but trust us, it’s definitely worth the investment if you got the space for it.

Usually, these types of playgrounds are for pet hamsters and fancy rats. It’s a guarded area where your friendly rodents can roam freely and not get lost. Rodents are generally very sociable creatures and they do need some action and interaction in their lives.

As such, a small playground where they can run around with their furry buddies is perfect. This helps to keep their mood up and is ideal for their overall well-being.

5. A Carrier Bag

A Carrier Bag

Honestly, a carrier bag is both a gift for the owner and the pet. A premium carrier bag will let you store your pet and its items much more comfortably. Also, with ample space, your pet will have a really good time rolling around as you are travelling.

Again, be sure to not skimp on this as a good quality carrier bag can go a long way. The good ones are usually made with better materials. This also means that these bags will be resistant to things like liquid and scratches coming from your pets.

6. A Cat Scratcher

A Cat Scratcher

As the name suggests, a cat scratcher is for cats to unleash their feral fury. With this, no longer would you have to worry about your cat demolishing your furniture.

Plus, cat scratchers are really easy to set up. All you need to do is place them where your cat is residing and if they get itchy claws, they will automatically run to it and scratch it. Honestly, this item is a huge stress reliever for not only cats but also owners who want their furniture to be intact.

The thing to look out for when purchasing a cat scratcher is its stability. As this item is generally tall, you would want one that doesn’t drop down when your cat puts pressure while scratching it.

7. A Personalised Collar

A Personalised Collar

While this gift might be already been worn on your pet, getting them a new one can be refreshing. And if your pet does not have a collar, this gift is surely a must!

You might think that a collar for your pet is just for aesthetics and that couldn’t be more wrong. A collar on your pet shows others that this furry kid has an owner. So, on the off chance that your pet goes missing, this serves as an important clue that this pet has an owner.

Nowadays, collars are able to store information where owners can put their contact information in them. We highly recommend pet owners do this because this makes it so easy for strangers to contact you if they found your missing pet out there.

Looks like we’ve made it to the end! Most of the items and gift ideas above can be found on eBay so if you wish to purchase them, be sure to do so with an eBay Gift Card from OffGamers here!

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