Is Reetata Scam Or Legit {Feb} Read Full Reviews Here!

Is Reetata Scam or Legit? To find worthwhile facts to know its authenticity, kindly read this post till the last.

Is your skin look unclean? You can get glowing and clean skin using the green tea face mask from the Reetata shop in the United States. However, Is Reetata Scam or Legit? We have acquired all the mandatory facts that can assist the buyers while choosing any product from this store. You will learn about all the honest details to judge its permissibility. Kindly read. 

Learn the Authenticity Of The Reetata Shop!

  • Trust Index: An average score of 58.7/100 has been evaluated on the Reetata shop. One cannot trust completely. 
  • Enrollment Date: October 26, 2022, is the discovery date of the Reetata shop. The site was enrolled more than three months ago.
  • Phishing Factor: A 23/100 phishing count was evaluated on the Reetata store.
  • Spam Score: The reetata store got an 11/100 spam count.
  • Customer’s Ratings: No authentic Reetata Reviews are seen on any online station. Positive reviews on the site look fake.
  • Social Connectivity: The connection of this store with social media is weak as no accounts are seen.
  • Missed Data: It did not mention the telephone number and address.
  • Data Safety: To ensure the safety of the information, the store uses a safety system known as HTTPS. 

Overview of the Reetata Shop! 

Reetata shop claims to provide various kitchen tools and creative gadgets based on the latest technology. However, they sell only a single product for the face. They got a deep cleansing green tea mask that helps to give clean skin.

  • Green Tea Face Mask

Features as explained in Is Reetata Scam or Legit!

  • URL:
  • Location Information: It is unavailable.
  • Email Id:
  • Telephone Number: It is unavailable.
  • Various positive feedback is seen on this site, but it can be manipulative as no online review site shared any ratings.
  • Shipping Policy: The shop might take 2-4 days on average to deliver products.
  • Payment Modes: Amex, Apple Pay, PayPal, GPay, MasterCard, etc. 
  • Return Policy: They provide a return facility within 30 days of receiving the parcel.

Positive Points

  • The email address of the Reetata site is available.
  • Free delivery is available for a limited period.

Negative Points

  • Social media connectivity is poor. 
  • Positive reviews on the official domain look fake as no online station shared similar reviews.

Reetata Reviews

We have burnt the midnight oil to provide the best and most authentic facts on the Reetata shop. After giving 100 percent effort, we found that the site is inferior on several factors. The product on the site got several ratings and positive comments. The buyers shared their results after utilizing their product. However, these reviews could be fake as no online station has shared the same reviews. Moreover, we did not find any connection between this site with social media sites. The shop does not seem a friendly site. So, we cannot say it is popular. So, Is Reetata Scam or Legit? It does not look like a legit site. You should learn some informative methods to avoid PayPal Scamming

Final Thoughts

Summarizing this write-up here, we found that the Reetata shop was launched more than three months ago. The shop has an average trust index count. Thus, we cannot suggest trusting the website. Some helpful tips to avoid scams via Credit Cards have been provided here. To seek additional facts on Face Masks , kindly check this post. 

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Is Reetata Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What collection is sold in the Reetata shop? 

Ans. Reetat shop has a limited collection. The shop deals in the green tea face mask.

Q2. Did we find any feedback on their collection?

Ans. Yes, there are plenty of ratings and reviews seen on the Reetata store. But, no online site has shared any reviews.

Q3. Is the shop available on any social media channel? 

Ans. No, the connection of this store with social media seems weak.

Q4. Did they provide a return facility? 

Ans. Yes, the shop offers you to return the product within 30 days of receiving it.

Q5. Is Reetata Scam or Legit

Ans. The Reetata shop looks suspicious as it got a short domain lifespan and an average index of trust. Further, it got no connection with social media.

Q6. What is the index of trust on the Reetata store?

Ans. An average trust index of 58.7/100 was determined on the site.

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