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The article on Yohanes Kidane Missing has explained the unfortunate disappearance of a young man.

Who is Yohanes Kidane? What happened to Yohanes? What is the gofundme link for Yohanes’s search donation? If you are also wondering about the same things, read the Yohanes Kidane Missing article. In this write-up, we will discuss Yohanes’ disappearance and the present situation because people in the United States are worried. Click here to donate and aid the search operation.  

Who is Yohanes Kidane & What Happened to Him?

Yohanes Kidane was a 22-year-old young man who disappeared on 14th August 2023. Yohanes moved to San Joes, California, to join Netflix as a software engineer. He lived in Tompkins County, New York, before moving to California. 

According to sources, Yohanes had just completed his higher studies and landed a job at Netflix. He was a talented and skilled young man with excellent academic records. After his mysterious disappearance, everyone, including his family, started a search campaign. 

Disclaimer: This article discusses a young man’s disappearance, Yohanes Kidane. The details about Yohanes missing case are sourced from authentic portals. 

LinkedIn Details About Yohanes Kidane

Yohanes studied at Cornell University; he has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Yohanes graduated in 2023 and went to Webster Schroeder High School in New York. Yohanes has more than 500 connections on his LinkedIn, and his academic details are provided there.

In September 2021, he was awarded the Neo Scholar award. During his university time, he was a teaching assistant and assistant lab researcher (Virtual Embodiment). He completed his internship at L3 Harris Technology and Amazon. His academic details depict that he was an intelligent kid.

Details About Yohanes Kidane Missing

On 14th August, around 7:00 pm, he took an Uber from 28 N 4th Street, San Joes. And Kidane was never seen after that. Yohanes was wearing a black hoodie, grey sweatpants, and black shoes. Reports also claimed that his belongings, such as his wallet, backpack, and phone, were found around the Golden Gate Bridge (welcome center). 

Yohanes disappeared on Monday evening, and his phone’s location displayed Golden Gate Bridge for Monday night (where his cell phone was discovered). The case has been complicated when after finding his belongings, cops have no leads to further head into Yohanes Kidane Missing case.

Family & Friends of Yohanes Kidane

The Kidane family is heartbroken and shattered to hear the missing news of their son Yohanes Kidane. It has been almost 4 days, and nothing is known about Yohanes’ shocking disappearance. Kidane’s family revealed that it has been just over two weeks since Yohanes moved to San Joes, and now their son is nowhere to be found. 

Cops and the community are standing in solidarity with the Kidane family and supporting them in the search operation of their son. Yohanes’ friends have also stepped up to aid the search. They are trying to make good use of social media to spread awareness about the Yohanes Kidane Missing case.

Gofundme Fund Raiser

On the Gofundme website, the Kidane family has started a fundraiser to aid the search operation for their son. The fundraiser portal for Yohanes Kidane was created just a day ago. The target is to raise $20,000, which will cover the expenses incurred to search Yohanes, such as traveling expenses.

Three hundred thirty-six people have donated to the fundraiser, and $14,404 have been raised till now. People are making donations generously to the Kidane family. The beneficiary of this fundraiser is Yosief Kidane. People are also dropping words of support for the family. Yohanes Kidane Missing has indeed shocked the whole nation, and people are worried about the safety of their loved ones.

Social Media Helping to Find Yohanes Kidane

On social media, Yohanes’ friends are creating and sharing pamphlets of details about Yohanes. They have requested people/ netizens to contact the number provided if anyone knows about Yohane’s whereabouts. Netizens are also re-sharing those posters to help the Kidane family. 

Everyone prays for the safe return of Yohanes, and the Kidane family has massive support from their community, Yohanes’ friends, and social media. Yohanes Kidane Missing case is troubling cops as well, and they are giving their best to find Yohanes.

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Contact Details & More

Yohanes S. Kidane was a compassionate and skilled young man who disappeared from San Joes on the evening of 14th August 2023. He was last seen entering an Uber. His height was 5’8, and he was around 150 Lbs. As per reports, he graduated from Cornell 10 days ago and recently joined the Netflix office in Los Gatos.

For any kind of information that can aid the search operation, here are the contact details of the concerned persons regarding the case of Yohanes Kidane Missing:

  • Yosife Kidane: 585-489-4880
  • Hana Beyene: 585-500-5220
  • Police Department, San Joes: (408) 277-8900

Yohanes’ parents, his brother, and his friends are waiting for him eagerly. They are praying for his safe return to home. 

Social Media Presence of Yohanes Search Operation

Community and friends are helping to find Yohanes by sharing social media posts. We will provide links to several social media posts here:

A senior of Yohanes in college has posted on her LinkedIn account and created a hashtag for Yohanes Kidane Missing. Here are a few social media links that prove everyone is playing a part and helping in any way they can to find Yohanes Kidane.

Final Summary

Yohanes Kidane, a talented young man, disappeared on 14th August 2023 from San Joes. He was an employee at Netflix and joined just a few days ago. Yohanes was a Cornell graduate with spectacular academic records. His disappearance has been harrowing for his family & friends. Everyone on social media is also spreading awareness about the case. Click here to visit Yohanes Kidane’s LinkedIn account and get to know him well.

Have you understood the case of Yohanes Kidane Missing? Please comment below if you have any related information.

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