Coinflaxe com: What is this Mr Beast Scandal? Check All Details Here!

The article contains all the reliable detail about Coinflaxe com that will help investors to understand it and assist in making investment decisions.

Are you looking to trade in Crypto? But you have no idea about any trading platform. Then here we are telling you about a crypto trading platform that has been recently introduced as a trading platform. This platform is working in Kenya and Pakistan. 

Therefore, there is a need to study vital things about Coinflaxe com to avoid any kind of cryptocurrency trading fraud.

Disclaimer- We are not promoting any trading platform; we intend only to educate our readers.

What is

The cryptocurrency exchange platform enables simple and inexpensive transactions with digital currencies for all users. The website, which is dedicated to giving institutions and individual investors a simple way to earn and trade cryptocurrency, is the Home of Crypto Yield. Giving users access to leverage allows them to use their capital more effectively. 

Our quick, secure, expert crypto trading services have benefited one million users. This platform’s trading interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for you to enjoy your hobby there. Modern risk management system is available. 100% secure for managing digital assets and trading. 

Let’s read in detail about Coinflaxe Mr Beast

Mr. Beast is a popular YouTuber because of his video about cryptocurrency. His most recent disclosure shows that the businessman has sizable Bitcoin holdings. The 23-year-old has made investments in a range of cryptocurrency-related goods. On Twitter and Reddit, we found something related to Mr. Beast.

Mr. Beast has additionally purchased NFTs in addition to Bitcoin. The popular YouTuber admitted to buying the renowned Crypto Punks NFTs. Along with his investments, Mr. Beast worked with Coinbase in August 2021 on a promotion for his video Last To Leave Circle Wins $500,000.

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Get the detail about Coinflex Scandal here-

The recent sharp decline in cryptocurrency prices, which has erased billions of dollars from the market for digital coins, has claimed its latest victim in the form of CoinFlex. CoinFlex announced it would issue a digital currency called Recovery Value USD, or rv USD, worth $47 million and offering 20% interest. 

A lot of users were upset with Lamb. Investors questioned Coin Flex’s decision to withhold the investor’s identity, criticized the company’s risk management approach, and inquired how it could guarantee 20% revenue on its new coin in its official Telegram channel.

Coinflaxe com stated in a post that the remaining employees must focus on product and technology to improve its financial situation. CoinFlex said it had filed a lawsuit to recover $84 million in losses from a single customer and is in discussions to form a joint venture with another cryptocurrency exchange.

Last month, the cryptocurrency exchange stopped transfers from its system after a counterparty, later revealed to be veteran crypto investor Roger Ver—failed to repay $47 million from a margin call.

Specification of Coinflaxe com

  • This platform was launched on 13/05/2023 and has been working for only three months.
  • This platform will shut down its services on 13/05/2024.
  • The trust score is only 1%.
  • Founders are Mark Lamb, Sudhu Arumugam.
  • AUSTRAC protects your information by AML policy.
  • Exchange with deficient fees and keep every penny of your profit.
  • For 245 funding rounds involving 986 investors, CoinFLEX and its rivals have collectively raised more than $6.3B in funding.
  • The total competition set contains 10 private unicorns.

Reviews of Coinflaxe com

We found negative comments about this trading platform. The investor states that without good cause, they had their account frozen. No withdrawals were allowed, but deposits were accepted. Investor’s entire Bitcoin portfolio has been trapped for weeks. Investors did not get any response to emails and did not receive their money.

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Fun fact: MrBallen belongs to the same talent agency as MrBeast!!! 😁
byu/OriginalCable9115 inmrballen


Summing-Up- is not a reliable trading platform and possesses many drawbacks. So, there is a need to get more detail on it.

Have you ever been cheated by any trading platform? Please share your experience with us.

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