Xikixi Reviews {March 2022} Is It The Legit Business?

This site Xikixi Reviews gives customers a perspective to make their online shopping smooth and hassle-free.

Are you not satisfied with Amazon-like supermarkets? And are you searching for other online stores but didn’t get the one where you can spend your hard earned money and take deep satisfaction in return? If this is right, don’t worry since this Xikixi Reviews article has brought all relevant info about a digital supermarket mainly focused in countries like the United Kingdom, India, and European countries, among others.

The above appealing intro must have relaxed your search frustration and be willing to learn more on Xikixi. 

What is Xikixi?

It is a multiple-niches online selling-buying platform with special attention on the people of the UK. Here it is worth mentioning that this website is flexible with multiple country customers, which means it is customized as Xikixi UK for people from the UK. 

For the people of India, the customer finds it as Xikixi India and so on. Now, Is Xikixi Legit? To answer this question, the above country-wise auto-customization will not help greatly. But the availability of products and their variety may serve some substance. So for that, the product catalogs given on the site are:

  • Market (Slim & Weight loss tea, Stress Relief Tea, American Crew Lather Shave Cream, etc.).
  • Beauty (Lotus Lady Steel Bracelet, Game 4 Covered Bino, Alphanova Sun Face Cream, etc.).
  • Kids (Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt Quad, American Tourister Disney Suitcase, etc.)

And some other catalogs are – Home, DIY, Pets, Drinks, Sports, Motor, and Books.  

Specifications of the site and store for Xikixi Reviews:

  • Domain age: The domain is around eight years old, created on 9th November 2013.
  • URL: https://xikixi.co.uk/
  • Category: Online Selling-Buying Platform. 
  • Email: hello@xikixi.com. 
  • Address:  Francos Rodriguez 69, Madrid, Spain (28039).
  • Payment Options: MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, Discover. 
  • Return Policy: If the product has not arrived or is damaged, the customer can return the product within 60 days; otherwise, seven days. 
  • Refund Policy: If the product is eligible for a refund, the total amount will be credited to the account after checking the product.
  • Total Delivery time: Standard delivery time 2-3 business days (for domestic shipments) and 5-14 business days (for international shipments). 
  • Shipping policy for Xikixi Reviews: Explicit shipping charges are not mentioned.

Pros of Xikixi:

  • The site interface looks like a professional supermarket’s platform.
  • Country-specific variations are diligently addressed.
  • R3 certified protection keys support essential customer data protection.
  • The domain of the site is pretty old.

Cons for Xikixi:

  • Alexa’s global traffic ranking is not available for the site.
  • SSL certificates of the site are not fully qualified for the public domain.
  • Domain rating for the site is 29/100, below average.
  • No social media is linking on the site, and also, Xikixi has no consistent professional social media handle.
  • No Contact number for customer grievance redressal.

Is Xikixi legit?

The above favorable points for the site cannot be the hallmark for the legitimacy of a payment-seeking site since the progress of tech and inter-connectedness of the world. So for the objective assessment, the below checkpoints can help you. 

  • Alexa Ranking: The site has zero Alexa ranking, which makes no sense. 
  • Customers’ Reviews: As per our research, there are more negative reviews for the site outside the platform and the most favorable.
  • Website Trust Score: The site has a 20/100 trust score, which is still poor. 
  • Social Media Links for Xikixi Reviews: We have not found any social media links and rarely anyone outside the site. 
  • Website Age: The site is around eight years old, founded on 9th November 2013. 
  • Genuineness of Contact Address: Mentioned contact address is available on the google map.
  • Missing Policies: Shipping charges are not mentioned clearly, which should vary in worldwide shipping.

Xikixi Customer Reviews’ Summary:

Our detailed research of the Xikixi customers’ reviews tilted against the company and seems not satisfied and at some places outspokenly said it a scam. 

So, if you want to learn Transaction Frauds, please read the following data.


To sum up, Xikixi Reviews are not in favor of the site and alert the customers from purchasing. That’s because the site is not legit, so be cautious before shopping heavily.

If this website review gave you some insights, please comment about your learnings here and the supermarket you love the most.

And also, to strengthen your awareness of scams like PayPal Scam read these fun facts.

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3 thoughts on “Xikixi Reviews {March 2022} Is It The Legit Business?”

  1. I attempted to purchase some replacement Gillette razor blades and after checking out I was met with a blank screen. No order confirmation or email accepting the order. This was early January 22.

    I have emailed the company on numerous occasions all to no avail.

    Needless to say I am still waiting for my order.

    My purchase was made in sterling but my credit card company charged me in Euros so consequently I was charged an extra amount due to currency conversion.

    I don’t know now what my next course of action can be. I’ve well and truly been had.

    Do not use this company they are robbing scammers

    • Hi Alan Godfrey, How are you? Hope our advice would be beneficial to you. You need to check about getting your money back from your credit card organization and also, do inquire about this currency conversion. They should return every single penny to you. Make a move now. Take care.

  2. Thank you for responding to my feedback.

    I took your advice and contacted my credit card company and I am pleased to say they gave me a full refund.

    They also cancelled my current card and have arranged for a replacement card to be sent just in case the scammers try to use it again.

    Thank you

    Very kind regards



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