Usariatboots Com Reviews (Feb) Is This Legit Or Scam?

Have you ever inquired about the Usariatboots com Reviews and a site selling trendy boots? If you want more information, then browse this post.

Are you keen to have high-quality boots to keep your feet warm? Then, carry on with this article to conclude an online store’s reality. 

The overall confidence is maintained by their exemplary fashion, which includes several things like clothes, shoes, etc. Moreover, according to the recent statistics of the United States, boots are the best shoes to wear, as they keep legs safe from cold environments during winters.

Thus, if you are questing for a boot-seller site, please read Usariatboots com Reviews to keep yourself away from scams. 

About This Online Site is a site that claims to export fashionable boots of a popular brand named Ariat. Moreover, the portal also employs the Ariat brand’s logo to attract online marketers. Along with selling boots, provides different products, including:

  • Jackets
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Vests
  • Spitfire Slip-on

Listing Important Points Of

  • The delivery’s time frame is counted on the product’s shipping and processing time. 
  • The workplace address is Ariat Melville | 870 Walt Whitman Rd,Melville, NY 11747, which is helping us to conclude Is Usariatboots Legit?
  • The social site’s icons are noticed on the homepage. 
  • The contact number is not disclosed. 
  • accepts payment from VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. 
  • After an item’s delivery, you can apply for returns within 60 days from the purchase date. 
  • is the company’s email address. 
  • You are ineligible to enjoy a refund if you ordered a custom item from the portal. 
  • The firm’s operating hours are 10 am to 6 pm, Monday-Sunday. 
  • is the portal’s licensed URL. 
  • The newsletter facility is observed on the website. 
  • The Usariatboots com Reviews has observed that the portal’s domain was recorded on 04-12-2021. 
  • We haven’t assembled much notation regarding the exchange policy. It is only quoted that the site is offering to swap items under certain conditions. 
  • 3-12 days are required to transit the items. 
  • The site declares to sell Ariat shoes, boots, etc. 

Merits Offered 

  • Over purchasing $65.00, you will get a free shipping facility. 
  • Social connections are available.
  • offers a newsletter subscription. 
  • Ratings for products are noticed. 

What Are The Website’s Pitfalls 

  • The phone number is missing.
  • Considering the Usariatboots com Reviews, the links to social media platforms are invalid. 
  • The portal holds a low trust rank (28.9/100) and a bad trust score (2%). 
  • Many items rated 5-star, exhibiting doubts. 
  • The exchange policy’s threads are absent. 

Is Usariatboots A Fraud?

  • Trust Rank- The portal trust rank value is 28.9/100. 
  • Connections to Social media- The icons are given, but the links are broken. 
  • Site’s Age- The’ is only 11 days old. 
  • Alexa Rank- The value is lacking for the portal. 
  • Duplicated Content- 88% plagiarism is seen. 
  • Shopper’s View- The Usariatboots com Reviews said no user feedback is captured over Trustpilot. But, the customer has only rated the products over 
  • Founder’s Name- They have mentioned Beth Cross as its founder. But, we have seen that she’s the CEO of Ariat. 
  • Domain Termination Date- The website’s suspension date is 04-12-2022. 
  • Trust Score- The site’s index is very poor (2%). 
  • Policies quoted- The facts on all policies are available, except the exchange policy. 
  • Address Validity- The location is authentic. 

All the captured facts are imparting the site as questionable and suspicious. 

Users’ Opinion On Is Usariatboots Legit?

We have seen only the product ratings on the website but haven’t received any customer comments on Trustpilot. Moreover, almost all the items have a 5-star rating, which creates doubt against buyers. Also, on different viewing platforms, the users’ reviews are missing. 

However, the possibilities against using the site are more, as it has registered recently, has a poor trust score and rank, and invalid social activity. In addition, sources have revealed they are misusing Ariat’s brand name for increasing traffic. For knowing about PayPal scams, visit here. 

The Closing Thoughts 

In this post titled Usariatboots com Reviews, the site’s introduction and its products are mentioned. In addition, we have discovered that it is pretending to use Ariat’s items, including Spitfire Slip on

Therefore, we report the website as questionable and suspicious because it is a newly made site with poor trust score and rank. Learn more here if you are inquiring about credit card scams

What are the deficiencies in this store? Please add your comment below if you have gathered more.

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  1. I ordered as well and nothing!!!!SCAM!!!!!!!The order receipt went to a Branson chamber of commerce.Do not order from here!!!


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