Write for Us + Mental Health – Know Essential Guidelines

The article has stated the basic facts and features of the Write for Us + Mental Health proposal and describes the matter with all data.

Do you know how mental health is important? Due to immense work pressure, people have recently faced many mental issues. It has other consequences also. For this reason, many people want to read and know about the matter.

For this reason, the demand for blogs on this particular subject is increasing daily. As a content provider company, we offer authors to write on mental health. Just know about the features of Write for Us + Mental Health

Marifilmines the Elegant Content Providing Company

The name of our company is Marifilmines . We are a pioneer company that offers content on various specialized subjects. Our niches are Technology, Cryptocurrency, Health, Business and many more. 

We generally offer the best articles, blogs, and informative topics on various subjects. We provide similar kinds of write-ups and publish them via our portal on mental health. For this reason, we offer many content creators and writers to contribute their articles to our portal. It will help them to grow as a specialized writer in this niche. 

Rules and Regulations for Write For Us Mental Health

Every organization has specific rules for the applicant. As a pioneering content servicing company, Merifilmines also maintains specific application rules. Just note down these rules if you want to apply to our portal. 

  1. Our first rule is to write new writings on the subject. We want authors to report on the various issues of mental health. 
  2. This topic demands much research and updating. For this reason, the writers should gather information and data on the subject. It will help them get traffic and retain their article’s readers. 
  3. Write For Us Mental Health Guest Post is one of the crucial issues. The authors should write with dignity and don’t hurt any person. The content should not carry an insulting manner or involve any debatable issue. The content should be general and informative. 
  4. The authors should find out various reports and include them in the content. It will help readers to learn about a new orientation on mental health. 
  5. Manual checking and cross-checking the information is a must. We don’t want to publish any wrong information or report on this subject. 
  6. The content must be simple and straight in manner. 

Grand the SEO Rules for Mental Health “Write For Us”

As a writer, you should know the need for Search Engine Optimization. For this reason, the writer puts particular preference on SEO. Here we have documented some of the SEO needs. 

  1. Many writers do the wrong thing while writing the content. They copy and spin the content. But we don’t allow this. The content should be original, and we don’t allow spinning content for our portal. 
  2. Writers must follow the “No Plagiarism” format. Yes, plagiarism has become the biggest headache for content creators. It demolishes the reputation of any portal. For this reason, we request that everyone doesn’t send plagiarism content.

Salient Benefits

Write For Us + “Mental Health” has excellent benefits. It offers authors many new advantages for writing on our portal. 

  1. The first advantage is that the writer will get the open sources to write for our portal. They need to send the content. Our core team will do all the work on your article. 
  2. Merifilmines will provide them with great platforms to write many articles and blogs. It will create their writer’s identity. 
  3. The author will learn many new technical factors while they work with us. The most crucial factor is that the authors will get a significant readership via our portal. 

How to Submit the Content? 

The authors should maintain the rules for Write For Us Mental Health. You can email:  team22.marifilmines@gmail.com your content, and we will check the content and publish it on our portal. For your kind information, Merifilmines will have all the editing, re-writing and content copyright after posting the content on the portal. 

The authors should agree on this part. We will send a notification to the applicants within one business day. 


We are offering an open platform to the contributors. The contributors will have great platforms where they can increase their content writing ability. It will help the content creators to develop their writing skills and carry on the profession through our Write for Us + Mental Health proposal. 

Don’t waste this opportunity, and start sending the content from today! You also can know the information on the niche.  

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  1. I ordered 11/12/21 and still havent received and it is 12/15/2021
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    • Hello Tonya Ratliff, we feel sad, you did not get your order. How much did you invest? Did you get any confirmation mail? Hope you get your order. Buyers, be aware before any purchase. Be cautious. Thanks.

      • I also ordered ab item that I was suppose to recieve on 12/17 and still have not recieved it, I was able to find a phone number and will be calling it. Not Happy, they were good about responding to me and then stopped.

        • Hello Debbie Olson, these are the tricks the scammers use with the buyers. Please check once if they reply, else go for a refund. It can be suggested to check the reviews of the buyers before any transactions. Thanks.

  2. sigh…ordered from them on November 29.
    I usually do my research but failed to do enough this time. And it was something my son kept on saying he really wanted. I felt a little better since they use paypal so decided to try.
    I contacted them on Dec 3 via email that was sent in my order confirmation. They stated order was still processing and usually ships 5-15 days.
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  4. I ordered 2 jackets for my daughter for Christmas and the e-mails I got said they shipped but I never received them. I emailed and called and no response. I am out over $150. I hate companies like this. Next up is a lawsuit

    • Hello Carla Hernandez, we feel nervous, it’s a huge amount and you have not received your order. No single reply from them, it seems they must be scammers. It can be suggested to go for a refund. Yes, proper actions must be taken against them. Please drop the message, if you get any updates. Thanks.

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    • Hi Kendall, Hope you are safe and great! This is sad but this scam has happened to you. There will not be any chances of refunds. What you can do is you can ask for refunds from the credit card you opted to make payments. Hopefully, this will work. Take care.

  6. Hello,
    I have been trying to contact them for 3 weeks to return items to them and have no feedback from them.
    I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to get my € 180 back

    • Hello Ranty Isabelle, if no response from them, try for a refund. The payment company, however you paid it, will help you to get your money back. Let us know any further updates. Thanks & regards. Take care.

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    • Hello Gillian Caron, we feel bad, you did not get your order. They showcase as if they will provide the same as shown but they cheat and earn money. Go for a refund. Please drop the update. Thanks. Take care.

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    • Hello Angela, it’s a long-time gap order. They use such tricks and then ignore. No response indicates they will not dispatch the order. Try for a refund. Please check, they can help you better. Update here. Take care.

  9. I ordered on 12/7, got an email saying it shipped on 12/10 and have yet to receive my order (a jacket for my hubby for Christmas). I’ve written 3 or 4 times & no response! Not very good customer service at all!!

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    • Hello Grace Simonsen, thanks for the details and feedback. Try for a refund from the payment company, they will help you better in such a situation. Let us know, once you get a refund. Be careful. Thank you.

  13. I too fell for their scam and ordered a shirt/jacket from them on Dec 1. I received an email stating my item was shipped. When I clicked on “tracking” purchase noting was noted. As January 11th no package has been received. I checked around and found this and several other sites stating a fraudulent account. I contacted my credit card company and reported the issue and my money will be returned to my account. Don’t let them take your hard earned money folks.

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  15. I ordered a jacket for Christmas – it has not been delivered yet and despite numerous emails no one has contacted me.

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