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This article explains the complete information to involve in Write For Us + Hotel Blog. If you are curious to grab more details, read further.

Do you have fair writing skills? Are you interested in acquiring in-depth hotel knowledge, or do you want to excel in hotel industry skills? Or do you like to share this informative information across the world? Then, kindly read the post till last to grab an excellent opportunity in writing skills for hotels.

In the following write-up, we have shared information about our website, niches and how to be a successful guest post contributor for our website. So, please read the details carefully about Write For Us + Hotel Blog.

Who Are We?

We are a renounced platform for catering the best quality content for the hotel industry with the ongoing scenario. However, we hold a solid worldwide audience base who are keenly interested in keeping an eye on global trends.

Our professional content writers are surpassed with high-end quality content in every segment. We deliver accurate content with hotel reviews, amenities, current situation, location and more information. Further, we also emphases on publishing content related to hotels, location, transport facilities, etc. Moreover, our dedicated team keeps an eye on the audience’s latest search ability and writes as per their requirements. 

To know more and learn how to Write For Us + “Hotel”, you can visit our platform marifilmines.com to introduce yourself to how to write. Moreover, you can check our published article to understand how our professionals provide you with the latest information.

What Type of Exact Bloggers Are We Looking For?

Our platform is not rigid for particular writing styles, and here we welcome the writer interested in writing to contribute with guest posts. However, we anticipate that a writer must have a good command of the English language, excellent writing skills, and a passion for writing to take out the research task thoroughly.  

In addition, we expect the bloggers to follow our instructed guidelines for submitting the Write For Us Hotel Guest Post articles. We have mentioned the writing guidelines for every team member to stand in every succeeding aspect. The bloggers should be able to grasp the approaches to enhance their chances of succeeding.   

Thus, we are chiefly looking for bloggers who can write authentic content to contribute to our guest posts. With this, the language used in the blog must be easy to understand by readers across the globe. We aim to improve the awareness among the readers via our posts. However, the writer must acknowledge these guidelines while developing their guest post.

Writing Guidelines For the Bloggers that Must be Follow on Our Platform  

  • We have mentioned the writing guidelines that we strictly follow in our write-up and platform. Our team will not accept the article in the absence of these guidelines. Hence, we advise you to review these write-up regulations carefully, increasing your selection probability.
  • You must write unique content means your content must not be copied or pasted. We are eligible to reject the content as any copied-pasted lines, phrases, or content. To check the uniqueness of the content, we use digital tools to avoid submitting any copied content. Bloggers must understand that they must search the topic deeply on the internet. Thus, we expect the same without copying the content. Our platform only publishes authentic content, and our bloggers precisely compose it to achieve it. Thus, it implies that a blogger must write in their language to avoid rejection due to copied content.
  • The candidate must assure that the write-up should be the result of in-depth research on the internet. Further, the content must have solid, factual details of recent times and must not contain any irrelevant or unauthentic information. The readers take a good interest only when the post has either current or trending news.
  • The post must be well organized, framed and accurate so that your Write For Us + Hotel Blog can attract people from all age groups across the globe. Thus, your post must be simple, short, and have easy language.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the SEO word, try to review it once to understand that using the SEO techniques in your writing would increase the chances of improving searchability. However, you can also increase the searchability by adding interrogative words such as How, Why, What, etc., in the headings.  
  • A writer must pay attention that your write-up must be grammatical-error and spelling error free. We very strictly follow the accuracy of the information in language. Thus, we stickily avoid any incorrect information, words, or content.
  • The word limit for Write For Us Hotel Guest Post must be 1000 words, for which content must be thoroughly researched. There are ample subjects for the write-up if you are well reached on the internet. However, please do not use irrelevant sentences or filler lines to complete the word limits. Our quality analysis team will review the entire post, and they can cancel your write-up for such issues.

What are the benefits of writing with us?

When you work with us, you can avail of uncountable benefits for yourself. Some of those chief benefits are mentioned below.

  • When you Write For Us Hotel, you will be more confident in the write-up and adapting to our guidelines. Gradually, your typing speed and research ability will be improved in many aspects.
  • Your writing skills will improve daily when you start writing with us.
  • As soon as you are selected, you will feel proud to work with one of this era’s most prestigious online platforms.
  • You will be joyful that your write-up is being read across the globe.
  • You will gain experience in writing, which you can use for your career avenues.

How will you submit Hotel “Write For Us” to Us?

We hope now you are transparent with our guidelines of write-up and what kind of blogger we are looking for. If you find this opportunity good for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at tlind7187@gmail.com. Our team is eager to welcome bloggers from every writing style who can write authentic and accurate content. With this, please attach one or two samples of your writing while mailing for our review. We will review your write-up, and if your content meets our guidelines and expectation, we will get back to you shortly.


Writing a guest post with us is a brilliant opportunity for writers to enhance their writing skills in hotel blog. However, Write For Us + Hotel Blog will demonstrate your writing skills worldwide. So, what are you still waiting for? Please mail us your writing sample as per our guidelines at marifilmines.com. We expect a blogger to crisp the information in an interactive manner. 

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